5 Fun Activities for Psychic Development

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: April 2, 2023
Fun Activities for Psychic Development

Psychic abilities are like all other kinds of abilities – the more you learn and practice, the more skilled you become. You might think it’s tricky to practice psychic skills, but actually there are numerous fun ways you can test yourself, whether alone or with friends.

As well as being enjoyable, these exercises and games serve a useful purpose in developing your psychic muscle, so to speak. Why not keep a record of how you get on so that you can track your improvement?

1. Predicting the Future

Although prediction is a controversial topic in the psychic world, and most people believe that the future cannot be entirely predicted due to free will, experimenting with predictions is a useful way to hone your precognition skills. Try to:

  • predict the outcome of a sports match
  • state who is on the phone before you answer it
  • predict a major news story which will occur in the coming 10 days
  • keep a dream diary and note down any predictive/precognitive dreams

2. Telepathy Practice

Telepathy is easily practiced if you have a willing person to practice on – simply send or transmit a color, or a word, or a shape, and see if your recipient can pick up on it; then swap, and see if you can pick up on their thoughts.

Zener cards are also a popular way of testing telepathy; if you don’t have a partner in crime on your psychic adventure, you can practice with these by yourself. Just have the pile of cards face down in front of you, and go through them one by one noting your predictions, and then check.

You can also practice telepathy on unknowing recipients, for instance by willing a stranger to turn around and look at you. That’s harmless enough, and can be very effective, but be careful not to overstep ethical boundaries if you are trying to affect someone who has not given their consent.

3. Psychometry Vibrations

Psychometry is the art of sensing psychic vibrations from reading a physical object. This is easiest to do in a group – have everyone bring along a small personal object, then mix them up and choose one to read from. This has the advantage that you’ll get instant confirmation of how close to the mark you are.

However, you can also practice a variety of psychometry on your own. Use a photo (from a magazine, website or newspaper) of a person in the public eye (a celebrity, politician or sports star, perhaps). Sit and focus quietly on the photo. Note down any thoughts which come to you.

Try to focus on obtaining information which you’ll be able to verify, such as where/when this person was born, whether they have siblings, or where they live now. Then you can check your information, and see how close you were.

4. Look for Auras

Every living thing has an aura, and its excellent psychic practice to see if you can discern it. This is easiest when the subject is against a pale background – simply stare slightly around the person, animal or pot plant (if you don’t have co-operative family or friends!) and eventually you will start to make out fuzzy colors and hues. The more you practice, the easier this will become.

5. Experiment with Cards

Tarot cards and oracle decks of all kinds are fantastic for developing psychic awareness. Choose a few packs which appeal to you, and just play with them. You can try giving simple readings, if you like, or just work with one card at a time and look really deeply to try to intuitively understand the symbolism on the card.

Even if you have to follow the interpretations from a guide book, don’t be afraid to let your psychic mind make leaps and connections – what really matters is how you see the cards, not how the designer saw them.

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