How To Read Angel Cards and Understand Their Meanings

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: April 3, 2023
How To Read Angel Cards and Understand Their Meanings

Angel card readings are rising in popularity, giving anyone the opportunity to connect with angels directly with the purpose of finding clarity in their lives. This technique has become a powerful tool utilized by recipients who need guidance in their life. Ultimately, they serve as a gateway to connecting with angelic figurines up above.

Everything you need to know about angel cards from how to conduct a reading, all the way to what they mean will be included in this guide.

What Are Angel Cards?

Consider a deck of cards, but instead of numbers and suits, you have angelic images that each hold an associated meaning. These are known as angel cards and they open doors allowing individuals to connect with angels in search of guidance and advice. This deck of cards simply serves as a tool to call angels directly.

Angel Cards create a beautiful space to communicate directly with one or multiple angels. The information provided is specific to the seeker, hence a special relationship is formed. There are multiple options to choose from when you are shopping for a set of angel cards. Listing to your intuition – which we will talk later about – will help you select the right deck for you.

In addition, angel cards are easy to use, they help guide, give insight, and offer a foundation for individuals. Relaying messages to those on earth, they serve as tools to connect with angels. Utilizing angelic imagery to interpret messages given from up above, they aide seekers in any troublesome area such as:

  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Change
  • Health
  • Personal endeavors

Whatever your worries, an angel card reading can help you decide with confidence and peace of mind in any aspect of your life.

What Is an Angel Card Reading?

An angel card reading will take you through a spiritual journey as you invite angelic beings into your space that only want to love, care, and protect humanity. These readings offer assistance in all aspects of life, but center on spiritual advice. Whatever challenge you are facing, a reading offers you positive affirmations and encouragement.

This process works in a very simple way; the recipient or seeker asks a question before drawing an angel card from the deck. Questions can be open ended and focus in any specific area of a person’s life.

Consequently, the drawing of the cards is guided by angels who utilize the law of attraction and synchronicity, ensuring the recipient draws the right cards at the right time. If you find yourself feeling lost or empty and are looking for answers in your life, an angel card reading may be the right solution for you.

Angel Card Meanings

Every angel card has a spiritual meaning that is applicable to your life. The perfect way to connect with celestial beings, they offer meanings specific to the individual looking for answers. You can find an angel card deck online, at book shops, crystal stores, among other locations. There are packs with different styles written by various angel card authors to suit your personality.

Keep in mind that some cards have a full angelic message on them while others offer a short phrase and a guidebook that expands on the full meaning. It’s all a matter of preference.

Once you have found the right deck for yourself, keep in mind the meanings of these cards differ depending on the seeker. Follow your instincts and select a deck that you are naturally drawn too.

How to Read Angel Cards

How to Read Angel Cards

Unlike Tarot Cards that normally require you going to a psychic, you can perform an Angel Card reading yourself. All messages offer guidance in a positive and uplifting fashion. Once you have purchased a deck that you are content with, it’s time to prepare in a few ways before beginning the reading. You’ll want to keep the following things in mind:

  • Have a clean space
  • Reach out to the angels
  • Phrase your questions well
  • Follow your intuition

Step 1: No Distractions

To start, be sure you are in a space free of clutter or distractions. A cluttered room will clog your mind, making it much more difficult to hear the guidance and suggestions from up above. Position yourself in a clean location where you can relax and feel at ease.

If you are under the influence of any stimulation, it is best you conduct the reading another time as it can affect the reading. Likewise, if you are feeling disoriented, return to the reading once your mind is clear.

Set a table in your space and if you’d like to add a few crystals or fresh flowers to make you feel more at home. Another suggestion is to utilize an incense stick with your favorite scent. This will infuse the air around you and help you work more comfortably. The main objective here is to be relaxed before beginning your reading.

Step 2: Invite The Angels Into Your Space

The next step is to reach out to the angels by inviting them into your space. Shuffle the cards, touching each of them to infuse them with your energy. If there is a specific Archangel or Spirit Guide you feel protected by and can easily connect with, call them in.

Do so by taking a deep breath, relaxing your shoulders, and focusing your energy on the angel cards in front of you. Simply, let the angels know you welcome them and are seeking guidance and advice.

Step 3: Ask The Angels A Question

When you feel ready, ask a question before drawing a card from the deck and placing it neatly on the table you’re utilizing. Every card has a special image and message that will relate to your question. Be sure your questions are well phrased; making a list of the questions you need answers to before you begin is also an option. As you draw cards, your uncertainties will be answered with advice or suggestions.

Step 4: Follow Your Intuition

Finally, follow your intuition as you draw your cards. Remember that these are just a tool to a deeper connection with your angel.

Analyzing each card carefully and taking a moment to really let the words and image sink in, will help you retrieve the message your angelic figurine is trying to tell you. Intuitively, choose as many cards as you feel necessary. At the end of your session, neatly place your cards back in their case and store them away for when you need another reading again.

Angel Cards vs Tarot Cards

At first glance, Angel Cards may seem like another version of Tarot Cards. However, they have their they have their differences Tarot Cards, for example, is based on metaphysical concepts such as alchemy, esoteric symbols, or numerology. Angel cards, on the other hand, rely heavily on information channeled from the etheric realms. There is a positive interaction between the seeker and the angels with the goal to provide positive feedback, advice, and support.

Consequently, both sets of cards help us discover answers within ourselves. However, the practice of tarot cards is typically much more structured and usually follows a specific formula.

On the other hand, an angel card reading involves images and phrases, giving seekers the ability to form answers with the help of their angelic figurine. While angel cards aim to inspire, guide, heal, and comfort, tarot cards are a bit more intimidation and require special training to interpret.

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