An Honest Review of Asknow Psychics

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: April 3, 2023
An Honest Review of Asknow Psychics

Asknow is a psychic reading website that has been offering accurate psychic advice by phone and online chat since 2005.  To help ​answer ​your most pressing questions, Asknow has expert advisors that specialize in different areas of life including love, relationships, dating, career, money, and general life questions.  

But is Asknow really legitimate and can they be trusted?  How do they compare to other online psychic services?  Continue reading this Asknow review to find out everything you need to know.

​The Pros

  • ​Readings Available 24/7 By Phone or Chat
  • ​All Psychics Are Tested For Accuracy and Clarity
  • ​Readings Available In English or Spanish
  • Affordable Introductory Rates For New Clients
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

​The Cons

  • ​No Email, Text Message, or Video Readings
  • ​Their Website Could Use A Design Overhaul

What Is Asknow? is a group of screened and experienced psychic advisors who are able to give you accurate and true guidance concerning almost any questions you may have. The psychic readings they offer can give you many new insights about your life that may help you find the best solution for the questions you seek answers to.

AskNow is similar to some other sites you may have come across, like Psychic Source or ​​California Psychics. However, AskNow allows you to choose the way you wish to connect with your personal choice of psychic, be it over the phone or via an online chat. Their large pool of talented psychics possess a range of abilities that cover the spectrum of psychic powers.

AskNow makes it easier to get a psychic reading by offering affordable promotions that come with a money back guarantee. Their website is user friendly and provides you with easy to find information so you can find the right psychic for your specific needs.

​How Does Work?

AskNow’s registration process is simple and quick, so you can quickly get down to business. There is no charge until you pick a psychic that you feel is right for you. Next, you can choose whether to have an online chat or receive your reading over the phone. Lastly you will create your own unique account. You will then have the choice of multiple introductory packages that vary depending on the amount of time you desire to add to your account.

Once you have finished AskNow’s easy registration process, you can begin down the path to a clearer understanding.

​Types of Psychic Readings Offered

AskNow provides readings for the following situations:

Love and Relationships – A love reading is perfect for those needing compassionate guidance to improve their love life, whether you are looking for your soulmate or you are worried your relationship is headed the wrong direction.

Money and Finance – A reading focused on your financial situation can help clarify your options with regards to money that may be blocking your path to happiness. AskNow’s advisors can give you a unique insight into your present and future to determine how best you should proceed with monetary matters.

Career and Goals – A career reading is great for those wanting perspective concerning problems at work, to help alleviate any stress and anxiety you might be facing in your job.

Tarot Card Readings – Tarot readings are great for questions about what you should do next in your life and what you might expect to happen in the near future.

Dream Analysis – Getting a dream analysis performed can help you piece together signs that your subconscious might be telling you through your dreams.

Past Lives – AskNow’s advisors can help with those nagging feelings that you belong to another time and can show you how your past lives could affect your future.

​Pricing and Special Introductory Offer

AskNow’s service charges begin at $1 per minute for their introductory offers. Specific advisors’ prices vary depending on the type of reading they specialize in.

The website provides Master, Elite, and Top-Rated psychics – the type that you choose will affect how much you pay. Each advisor’s personal summary clearly outlines their respective costs, so no worries about incurring hidden costs.

Currently, AskNow is offering a promotion where you receive a 15-minute reading for $10. This includes five minutes’ free of Master and Elite level readings as well.

​The Pros

AskNow’s excellent service has many upsides; but the following are the main ones that make them stand out from the competition.

Daily Horoscopes – View your daily horoscope for free anytime. When you click on your astrological sign you will get other info as well like a weekly love horoscope, compatibility and lucky numbers as well as info on your lunar sign and phase. You can even get this information emailed directly to your inbox.

Psychic Spotlight – With all of the psychics available through AskNow it can be difficult to decide on the psychic that is right for you. This spotlight enables you to learn more about the highlighted psychic’s abilities and interests. They also give insight into how they approach and view their respective gifts through a Q&A section.

Online Chat – This feature allows you to connect with any of the psychic advisors that are available right here and now. There are also FAQ’s listed there so you know what to expect. This is a great option for anyone who wants a quick reading instantly.

Easy to Navigate – The AskNow website is quite easy to get around. All of their instructions and information is clearly presented. They also offer several video tutorials to help customers. This is just another example of their dedication to giving customers a great experience.

Advisor Types and Experience – All psychics on the platform are categorized by type related to their experience. Each advisor’s profile lists their length of experience using their abilities, as well as a summary detailing the types of readings they perform.

Article Resource Section – AskNow’s website contains an extensive library of informative articles for free, on a wide variety of topics from psychics and mediums to angels and spirits.

Money Back Guarantee – AskNow guarantees your satisfaction with all their services. If you are unhappy with any reading you are able to get a five-minute credit in order to find another psychic that is a better fit.

​The Cons

While the majority of reviews point to having had positive experiences with AskNow’s psychic advisors, there are the occasional negative reviews – as there are with any service. However, the two negatives that seem to arise most often are:

Difficult to connect with a psychic – There isn’t one type of psychic that works for all people. And with so many psychics to pick from, it is easy to accidentally choose a psychic you can’t form a meaningful connection with.

Some psychics use other tools – Many customers desire readings solely on the ​energy they emit and do not care for psychics who use another method, like tarot cards, to conduct their readings.

​Alternatives To Asknow

There are several alternatives to AskNow, with the leading platforms being:

Psychic Source – They provide many of the same options as AskNow, with the main difference being the offer of a 10-minute reading for $10 with a bonus 3-minute reading. It could be considered the equal to AskNow but for customers on a budget.

​​​​​​Kasamba​​​​​​ – Kasamba offers the same basic services as AskNow with the biggest difference being cost. Kasamba is much more expensive with some readings costing upwards of $10 per minute.

Keen – Keen provides customers with most of the same services as Psychic Source, but they are all not quite as good, according to reviews.

​The Bottom Line

With there being so many sources for psychic assistance available online, it can be difficult to find a psychic that is legitimately good as well as you can find a connection with.

AskNow is an excellent choice for anyone looking to tap into spiritual guidance. With a wide variety of psychic advisors to choose from on top of all the extra resources found on their website, AskNow is a go-to source for psychic readings.

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