About Mary Lawrence

Mary is a psychic medium celebrating over 16 amazing years working in this field.  She was preparing to study to become a stockbroker when, after the birth of her daughter, she began having intuitive dreams.

After signing up for a local psychic development class, she realized that real psychic ability and mediumship is down-to-earth, beautiful, and empowering.  She was immediately called to work with Spirit and, since that time, has given thousands of readings to people from all over the world.

Mary Lawrence - Co-owner of wiccanwitchcraftblog.com

A Note from Mary:  The Psychic Reading that Changed My Life

Finding a psychic or medium with whom you truly connect can be life-changing. Trust me – I know!

Back in 2014 I was feeling overwhelmed and confused about my path. I was working as a professional medium and intuitive reader, and, even though I loved my clients, I started to long for something else – I just didn’t know what that “something else” was.

After months of not sleeping and feeling stressed out, I decided to have a reading with a psychic medium.

It literally changed my life!

The session knocked my socks off and gave me TREMENDOUS insight about my path.

I gained clarity and felt excited about my life again.

The psychic told me that the “something else” feeling I had was because I was growing spiritually. She explained that I wanted to resonate with my clients on a deep, soul level. I didn’t want to put a “band-aid” on their problems – I wanted to help them get to the ROOT of their issues so healing could take place.

OMG, she was right! Chills! Tears of joy!

She explained that I had been unknowingly tapping into the Akashic Records (the Akashic what???), and that learning about the Akasha was the next step in my journey.

As soon as the reading ended, I began researching the Akashic Records. I devoured the content and it resonated with me deeply. I then went on to study the Akashic Records with Beverly Raney and followed my calling to start WiccanWitchcraft.

THAT is the power of a true psychic reading.

THAT is why I believe readings are wonderful tools and why I do what I do.