Candle Colors for Litha

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Candle Colors for Litha

Litha is a holiday celebrated by witches and modern pagans all over the world. It is a celebration associated with the sun’s healing qualities. Rituals and spiritual practices during this period are particularly focused on renewal, new beginnings, good fortune, and abundance.

The celebration held during midsummer’s eve was traditionally practiced in a large bonfire with other pagans a community. In the modern-day, Litha is often celebrated in the comfort of one’s home with corresponding ornaments, crystals, and candles.

For numerous people, the summer solstice is considered a traditional practice with personal, creative touches based on their intuition.

Candle Colors to Use for Litha

With the radiating sun as the focal point of Litha, warm shades are evidently the colors of the season. The candle of the color you choose will say a lot about the energies and vibrations that you are inviting.

Warm colors that represent the sun such as red and gold are prominent during Litha, as well as white, as it represents light. In this section, we will dive into an in-depth understanding of the meanings and associations linked to each color.


Passion, drive, willpower, and strength. Incorporating red candles during a Litha ritual can amplify your overall energy and enthusiasm to take action. Red candles can also give you the audacity to try whatever you might be putting off for so long — eradicating all types of self-limiting beliefs.

Alternatively, Red can be used to manifest love, intimacy, and passion in your current relationships.


Gold is the color for prosperity, abundance, and celebration. A gold candle during Litha denotes the upcoming harvest from your hard work. This candle is also ideal for people who are expecting to reap future success from new beginnings and relationships.


Healing, spiritual growth, and connection with the Divine. White candles are considered a classic for attuning your connection with the Highest self. This shade is recommended for beginner witches and those who simply want to regenerate and cleanse their energies from negativity. White is the most versatile among all the candles.

You may choose to focus on one intention and one color for the upcoming midsummer celebration, but if it resonates with you, you are creatively free to use the colors all at once.

Other Ornaments to include in your Altar

Other Ornaments to include in your Altar

Litha isn’t just about candles and bonfires. Incorporating other ornaments and objects that symbolize the sun can also aid in amplifying your creative and healing energies during Litha.

Other ornaments you can use to decorate your altar are Calendula-dyed garments, garden-fresh vegetables or herbs, sun-loving plants, warm-toned crystals, and more. You may even choose to put any object that sparks joy, happiness, and optimism, may it be a watercolor painting, a sunflower, or a picture of your childhood pet. The possibilities are endless!

By all means, listen to your creativity and enjoy the celebration in your own special way. Litha is a celebration of radiance, happiness, and joy and it surely cannot be missed!

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