3 Candle Magic Basics Every Witch Can Use

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Candle Magic Basics Every Witch Can Use

We use candles to celebrate life during birthdays or even on dying days and they light our path when we are enveloped by the darkness. Moreover, candles are popular magickal tools and whether you lit them or not, they still release and amplify positive energy.

Candle Magic is one of the simplest and oldest kinds of natural magick. Its uncomplicated nature draws many witches to start their path to magick through this. 

Charging Candles

Charging is an efficient way to prepare your spell candles in obtaining more robust energy which helps in rituals and divination. As you charge your candle with intentions for certain spells, it draws your focus to connecting your purpose and goals with the candle. 

From the most bizarre down to the simplest one, there are various ways how to charge your candles. Charge candles by holding them tightly in your hand. Since the chest is considered as the center of oneself, holding your candle at chest level allows it to absorb primal energy that goes directly to the candle which, in return, radiates that energy during spells to work in your favor.

Charging your candle infuses it with potent and profound energy designed with a definite purpose to help you in varying times of life.

Cleansing Candles

From the moment it was made, transported then sold, and finally reached your loving arms, candles might have already picked up diverse energies, including the negative ones. Cleansing your candles removes all negative energies that might have inhabited them at some point in the past. This cleansing is a process that brings the candle back to its purest state. 

Just like a person, candles also need cleansing on a spiritual level, so cleansing your candles with herbs or oils also brings spiritual healing and enlightenment into it. If you are working to detach harmful energies from your home or yourself, better start by cleansing your candles first. 

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Some ways of cleansing your candles involve soaking them outside with the energetic presence of the moonlight or smoking them with incense or sage smoke. Try rubbing boiled water with mixed herbs as this cleanses your candles not only physically, but also spiritually. 

In whichever way you choose to cleanse your precious spell candles, what matters most is to always focus on your intention as you perform the cleansing. Connect yourself with the gods through rituals as you ask for guidance to cleanse your candles in a way that best suits you. 

Dressing Candles

Dressing Candles

Dressing the candle before lighting enhances the efficiency of a ritual. Anointing your candles with oils forms a bond or link between you and the candles. As you wrap the candles with your hands, your personal energy also flows through the candles. This helps in keeping you focused on your intentions and passing positive vibrations to the candles that are crucial for increasing their power.

Rubbing oil from the top of the candle, down to the bottom is an ideal way of dressing it if you want to attract something into your life. However, if the purpose of your spell is to get rid of something, you must rub the oil from the bottom to the top.

Whether your goal is to attract love, luck, or prosperity, it is important to remember that there is no wrong way of dressing your candles as long as you possess the right mindset and intention.

Candles are a staple magickal tool throughout history. Candle magic is driven by the fire element and it channels transformational energy that inspires change and steps on the pedal of your life to accelerate your growth as an individual.

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