3 Candle Magick Ideas for Scorpio Season

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Candle Magick Ideas for Scorpio Season

Scorpio season is undoubtedly the most intense time of the year, most especially this year — when everything is just reaching its climax. Outwardly, we are being affected by these events which will soon cause us to feel strong in our beliefs and our standpoints. 

This turning point of the year can bring bad or good in our lives, depending on how you take it. If you are unaware, events may overwhelm you — even cause you to dig past issues to conform with your current situation which makes it a great time to ground and heal yourself instead.

By the end of October, Venus will be in Libra which also makes it a great time to take on divination rituals such as candle magic.

Candle Magick during Scorpio Season

Healing Magick

For this candle magic spell, you will need a blue candle and a pin. Inscribe your name or the person you wish to heal on the candle using your pin. Think of your intention while the lit candle is being extinguished. Simple phrases such as, “I am healed” go a long way. Perform this spell during a Sunday, the healing day. 

Once the candle is extinguished, shift your thoughts to the present moment. What opportunities are you seeing? What new projects are showing you signs to be completed or started? Allow these thoughts to accumulate and create energy of passion in your body. 

Prosperity Magick

Prosperity Magick

As mentioned above, Venus will soon be in Libra by the end of October. This opens up opportunities for witches to manifest desires and perform divination rituals. For this candle magick, prepare a green or gold candle and carve a sigil that represents your desire. Dress it with thyme and rosemary and light the candle. Focus on your intention or desire while directing your gaze towards the light of the candle. Stay here as long as you like. 

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Then, like a birthday candle, blow out the candle and trust the magic to do its work in your life. 

The reason why prosperity magic is an ideal ritual to initiate during Scorpio season is because of the possible delay both in our careers and personal goals. Before Mars goes direct on November 13th this year, it will seem hard to complete tasks — even the most simple ones.

Grounding Magick 

This season can be overwhelming, and some events may cause our center to be misaligned. Events can provoke us or create tension deep within without seeing the whole picture. That being said, grounding magick is as important as any other type of magick — especially during scorpio season. 

To begin, prepare a white candle and dress it with grounding herbs such as lavender, rose, or cardamom. If it is readily available, you may also smudge sage to keep the mood as peaceful and grounding as possible. Be creative in this setup. Add any items or objects from nature that bring you joy.

When you are all set, close your eyes and imagine a large disk of white light above your head, passing through your third eye and down to the rest of the body — clearing out all tension and blockages. As the disk of light reaches your feet, visualize the negative energy leaving your body and back to the earth where it transforms it back to positive energy. 

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