Caring and Maintaining for your Magickal Tools

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Caring and Maintaining for your Magickal Tools

f you’re a witch, you probably understand that most of your tools contain energy. Even mundane objects have stored energy. This makes it important for you to maintain and care for them in a special way — especially because these tools get used in divination and spiritual work. 

Exception on Crystals

An exception for crystals is the fact that some crystals can cleanse and charge themselves, including other crystals surrounding them. Selenite wands and certain black crystals have the ability to do this. The good news is you can use these type of crystals to maintain, cleanse or charge other tools. 


There are a few different ways to store your magickal tools. Some witches prefer to keep them in a drawer, in wooden boxes wrapped in silk or displayed around the house. If you’re the type of witch who stores their crystals inside the drawer, it’s important to make sure you remember where you put them.

Also, do not merge them in a cabinet that has sharp, metal objects, especially your crystals. Your athame can be kept in silk inside a wooden box. 

Cleansing and Charging 

Respect your magickal tools and they will last for a lifetime. Regularly cleansing and charging your crystals is a great gesture to show that you care for your magickal tools. 

There are a lot of ways to cleanse and charge your tools. One of the most popular one is the “Four Element Charging Technique” that is featured in Skye Alexander’s “The Modern Guide to Witchcraft. 

To do this, all you basically need is any sea water and incense. Once you have set up your tools for cleansing, sprinkle sea water all over your magickal tool as you say, “With earth and water I charge you to do my will”. Then, with a lit incense stick or a smudge stick, lightly place the object just above the incense smoke and say, “With fire and air, I charge you to do my will.” 

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Your Magickal Tools are like Toothbrushes

As much as possible, do not let anyone use your magickal tools for spiritual work or for mundane purposes. Just like toothbrushes, your divination tools are personal items. Treat them sacredly. 

Maintaining the Energy in your Sacred Space

Maintaining the Energy in your Sacred Space

A sacred space should be the only place where you only put items that complement each other in energy and intention. In other words, your sacred space should not be cluttered with non-magickal items like irrelevant books, office-work or anything else as this may revert the energy circulating around your sacred space. 

Cleaning Your Tools

Depending on your tools, they require different cleaning methods. Generally, you do not want them to gather dust, especially if they are displayed around the house. If you own an athame, or crystals wrapped in jewelry, you might want to invest in good cleaning supplies like linseed oil for spot cleaning.

Naked crystals can be regularly washed in running water. Take note that some crystals may break in water. Usually, crystals that are not suitable for water cleaning end in -ite. 

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