9 Signs That You Have Clairaudience

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: April 1, 2023
Signs That You Have Clairaudience

Clairaudience is an ability that anyone can develop with practice and an open mind, but for some people, it comes naturally. Are you one of them?

What Is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is the gift of psychic hearing. When most people imagine what clairaudience is like, the first thing they think of is hearing voices.

But while hearing voices can be part of it, clairaudience is usually a more subtle gift. Instead of external sound, clairaudience often takes the form of your own internal thoughts, a ringing in your ears, or even a song that keeps playing in your head.

A clairaudient may receive these messages from:

  • The Higher Self (who you are at your deepest spiritual level)
  • Spirit guides
  • Angels
  • The deceased
  • Animals

These messages may communicate information about the future, give a warning, tell you what someone else is thinking or feeling, or provide comfort to you during a difficult time.

So how do you know if you’re clairaudient? Here are nine signs you might possess this extraordinary gift:

Signs That You May Be Clairaudient

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1. You’re very sensitive to sound

If you can’t focus in a crowded place or jump at the slightest noise, that sensitivity might be a sign that you’re clairaudient.

Clairaudients notice sound more easily than most, and may even find themselves feeling drained if they’ve been somewhere noisy for too long. This heightened sensitivity to sound helps clairaudients pick up on things outside of most people’s scope of awareness.

2. You hear ringing/buzzing sounds that no one else can hear

Out of nowhere, you hear a high-pitched ringing or buzzing sound in your ears. When you mention the sound to the person next to you, they look at you like you’re crazy.

If you’re hearing these strange noises frequently, the first thing you’ll want to do is rule out any medical causes – a sinus infection, age-related hearing loss, and prolonged exposure to loud sounds can all cause you to hear this phantom ringing, which is why this isn’t always the most reliable way of knowing if you’re clairaudient or not.

However, if there’s no other explanation, then it could mean that a spirit is trying to communicate with you. It’s not all that different from a friend giving your phone a ring!

3. You had an imaginary friend as a kid

A lot of kids have imaginary friends, but yours was one that you could have long talks with. Most people would dismiss this as having an overactive imagination, but you may have actually been experiencing clairaudience.

Spirits are naturally drawn to the purity and innocence of children, so it’s likely that your imaginary friend was really a spirit guide or guardian.

4. You talk to yourself a lot

We all talk to ourselves from time to time, but clairaudients can often have full-blown conversations with themselves. When they ask questions, an inner voice answers – calmly, rationally, and gently, nudging them in the right direction.

Talking to yourself often indicates strong internal clairaudience This means that instead of receiving messages through your external hearing, you hear them in your own head in your own voice.

5. You’re musically inclined

Those with the gift of clairaudience tend to be more musically inclined than others. You’re probably able to play an instrument or two, and may even enjoy writing your own songs.

But you don’t have to be Mozart to be clairaudient – even if you can’t play an instrument, having a deep connection with music is also a sign you may have this gift. For example, do you ever get a song stuck in your head out of nowhere? Your subconscious might be trying to tell you something.

6. You can tell how someone feels just by hearing their voice

When we talk with someone face to face, their body language often gives away how they’re really feeling, even if they say something different. But if you’re able to know how someone’s feeling just by hearing their voice, such as when you’re talking on the phone, then you might be clairaudient. This ability is also common in people with the gift of clairsentience (clear feeling).

7. You hear your name being called, even when there’s no one around

Have you ever been in a crowded place and thought you heard someone calling your name, but when you look around, you can’t find the source? Or maybe you hear it at night as you’re falling asleep, even if no one else is home.

Hearing voices can seem spooky at first. But spirits aren’t trying to scare us – they’re trying to communicate with us. So while you may have chalked it up to your imagination before, hearing someone call your name may actually be a spirit guide that has something important to share with you.

8. You pick up on messages that you feel like you were meant to hear

Have you ever been in the middle of a terrible day, only to hear exactly what you needed to hear when you got in your car and turned on the radio? Or maybe you were having trouble making a decision, and just happened to overhear a conversation that suddenly made the right choice obvious.

These experiences are often dismissed as mere coincidence, but a spirit might be helping to focus your attention on a particular sound. If this happens to you a lot, it’s a good sign you might be clairaudient.

9. You give great advice, but you don’t know where it comes from

When a friend or family member comes to you for advice, the right words seem to tumble out of your mouth. If you’re left wondering where in the world that great advice came from, it may have come from a spirit speaking through you – without even realizing it, you used clairaudience to help someone out. Pretty cool, huh?

Things to Remember About Clairaudience

Clairaudience is an amazing intuitive ability that will help you form a deeper connection with your spirit guides and provide guidance for your spiritual journey. If you think you may be clairaudient, remember:

  • You don’t need to have all of the above traits to be clairaudient
  • Developing your gift takes practice and patience
  • Keep an open mind
  • Clairaudient experiences should always be positive, never scary

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