How To Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: April 3, 2023
How To Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Do you have a guardian angel? Do you often feel like there is a presence that follows you everywhere you go? If this happens to be the case, you may have a spirit guide.

This energy that you can’t quite explain is more common than you may think. Many people have spirit guides, even though many fail to recognize or admit it. These energies serve several purposes like keeping you out of harm’s way and helping you make the right decisions.

Interactions with this presence are different for everyone. Some individuals feel them very strongly while others only notice them occasionally. Because they are at a higher frequency than us, we only hear them in a whisper.

If you have been feeling strange sensations or energies, don’t worry. It is most likely your angel sending you messages. In this guide, we will cover the different types of guides, what they do, and ways to communicate with them.

Types of Spirit Guides

These energies that seem to be with you everywhere you go can fall into one of the following categories: angel, power animal, devas, and ancestors. They are all spirit guides; however, they do differ in several ways.

  • Angels are the more common type that devote themselves to us. Arch Angels can be in several places at a time, while Guardian Angels service one person individually.
  • Power Animals are totems of power. These spirit guides bring courage and focus and are used in shamanic cultures.
  • Devas are devoted to our planet and come in energies different than angels. Fairies and tree spirits are considered devas and this type of spirit help individuals who have shown respect toward the earth.
  • Ancestors are the final type of spirit guide that we will touch base on. They are usually loved ones who have passed that give us the most love and protection.

No matter the type of guide that is with you, understand that they are here to help you navigate through life.

Learning how to communicate with your type of spirit guide is possible if you follow these 10 simple steps.

How To Talk To Your Spirit Guide

Believe in Them

Everyone has a spirit guide. Some people even have several!

Making this presence a part of our daily lives can greatly benefit us. The first step to getting in touch with them on a more personal level is simply believing they exist. We understand this can be a bit difficult, even scary, but once you let them into your heart you can finally be open to their guidance.

How do you tune them in?

Spiritual Grounding Techniques

You can do so in several ways like setting the mood. Go to a location that is clutter free, light a candle, and dim the lights. Think about times in your life where you were saved or redirected by an unknown force or presence.

Many people enjoy having a room in their home where they can meditate and get in touch with their angel. Others prefer going out into nature to tune them in.

Your spirit guide can come to you in the following two ways:

Again, you’re most likely already being contacted by your guide. The reason it’s not as obvious to everyone is that these messages come as whispers and signs.

The next time something special happens in your life or you just happen to be at the right place at the right time, don’t dismiss this as being lucky. It’s your spirit guide working their magic.

When this happens, we encourage you to write down what you heard, felt, or saw. These messages are intuitive and while they may not make sense now, they may down the road.

Meditate with Amethyst

Amethyst Crystal Meaning & Properties

You may already be a regular meditator. If this is the case, we congratulate you! You have found an amazing way to get in tune with yourself. Take this to the next level by meditating with crystals like amethyst.

Amethyst has powerful intuitive properties that will help you reach contact with your guardian angel. This is a purple crystal that is to be placed between the eyes at brow level.

Meditating with crystals increases spiritual awareness, elevating you to a higher level of consciousness. Your intuition will be improved as well making it easier to access your spirit guides.

Get in Tune with Nature

The outdoors is a great place to feel closer to your spiritual guide as it’s very healing to spend time in nature. Find a comfortable location and close your eyes. Just listen to the sounds around you – the birds, the wind, perhaps water from a creek.

Ask your spirits guide to reach out to you and take note of the feelings coming your way. Nature is a great place to become in tune with yourself, the earth, and your guides.

Use Sacred Sounds

sound therapy

Our voice is the most sacred sound for our spirit guide, so incorporate it when you can and whenever it feels right. Contribute to the sounds of the universe, known as chanting. It will make your guide aware that you’re trying to make a connection with them.

So next time you’re out in nature chant “Om” about seven times to start the process of connecting with your angel.

Spirit Journals

Keeping a journal is great for so many different reasons. It allows you to express thoughts, feelings, and special moments. If you haven’t done so already, keep a spirit guide notebook.

It can sometimes be difficult to process all the good things brought to us by our spirit guide. Keeping a journal is a great way to look back and consider the details you missed before. Some messages sent to you won’t have significance until weeks later so it’s important to write everything down to remember these messages.

Automatic Writing

Have you ever heard of the term “automatic writing”? This is a technique used to reveal messages from the energies that follow you. It can take some time to nail down, but once you do you may be surprised at what you find!

To try this strategy simply close your eyes and meditate. Allow yourself to drift into your subconscious and as soon as you wake up grab a pen and start writing. Write down anything that comes to mind by letting your guides take over.

This takes practice; however, you’ll eventually start to notice the messages sent to you by your spirits.

Uncover Your Third Eye

Activating your third eye will give you a higher consciousness and awareness of your spirit guide. When we say the third eye, we are referring to the gate that leads to those spaces and inner realms that are hard to get too. Getting to these states of mind is one of the best ways to connect with your angel.

There are a few ways to tap into your third eye, including:

  • Meditation. This is the most common method used.
  • Shirodhara Massage. This is an old Ayurvedic treatment that needs to be performed by a certified practitioner. Through this massage, you may have visions or messages from your guide.
  • Study Reiki. This is the Japanese method of energy healing and can help you tap into your third eye completely. Studying Reiki will awaken and take you to a higher state of awareness.

These techniques will bring you closer to your guardian angel and hear what they have to say to you.

Just Ask for a Sign

If you’re not a firm believer but wish to be, ask your spirit guide for a sign. These energies are with you every day and want you to understand they are with you to protect and guide you through life.

Express your desire to acknowledge their presence on a regular basis but let them know you are doubtful and want a sign that they are there. Spirit guides will be happy to show you they are there and will usually send you a message or blessing!

Practice Patience

Ways to Bond with Deities in your Practice

Don’t get frustrated if you’re not able to communicate with your spirit guide right away. Learning how to achieve contact with them can be tricky especially if you’re new to this. Remember that this is not a process that should be rushed.

Instead, focus on enjoying every moment of it and practice patience. Before you know it, you will be receiving messages all the time.

Give Thanks

Just like it’s important to ask your spirit guide for guidance, it’s also important to give them thanks for all they do. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and your angel is no exception. This will only improve your relationship with them and make it stronger.

Open Your Heart to the Connection

Your spirit guide protects you from harm and guides you through life. Developing a relationship with them is good for your spiritual health. It gives you a sense of direction and strength. If you are not receiving the guidance you want from your guide, reach out to them through these steps.

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