Bloodstone Crystal Meaning & Properties

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Updated: February 12, 2023
Bloodstone Crystal Meaning & Properties

Bloodstone’s powerful energy can be used to ease physical illnesses and comfort depression caused by strong infliction of trauma.  

It is a crystal linked to the root and the heart chakra, enabling you to be in an aware state of being while nurturing and healing your mental and physical wounds with love, beauty, and peace. Because of the crystal’s strong energy, it is considered to be versatile and can be used for rituals with the intention to realign and cleanse the chakras of possible blockages. 

Christians also believed the bloodstone to have been formed below the feet of Christ during his holy sacrifice at the cross. Hence, it’s commonly alternate identification as the “Martyr’s Stone”. 

Bloodstone can enhance the personal powers of people working in careers that highly demand emotional and physical effort. These careers may include healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, public servants, and religious/spiritual practitioners. 

For people practicing new age spirituality, Bloodstone is a great crystal to incorporate in divination, spells, manifestation meditation, and psychic readings. 

Bloodstone Properties

Bloodstone is the birthstone for Pisces, Libra, and Aries. Libra and Aries reflect the crystal’s ability to recollect your personal power while Pisces mirrors its potential to inspire you with empathy and compassion.

The crystal is ruled by Mars, a planet that symbolizes willpower, determination, and courage.

Bloodstone is considered protective not because it acts as a shield, but because it gives you the strength to take action and express what you think is right and just.

Isis is a powerful goddess, one that is closed to the throne. Her mission to protect the vulnerable with her undeniable firmness and strength says it all.

Bloodstone is a crystal to use for divination practices as it gives you faith in what you do and disperses doubts that do not serve you. It is best paired with Amethyst, a crystal linked with the crown chakra, the chakra that empowers the user with intuition and understanding.

As a public servant, counselor, or healthcare worker, Bloodstone gives you the comfort you need especially in times when you are expected to withhold your emotions and vulnerability to a situation. This also aids in providing you with a clear insight and perspective that doesn’t distort the truth.

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It is also a crystal to keep close to during competitions or events that require both mental and physical strength.

How to Use Bloodstone

Aside from the strength, self-confidence, and courage that the bloodstone is able to provide the user, the bloodstone can also be used for magic, divination, and spells hence its common association with Isis, the goddess of magic and healing. 

Bloodstone is said to assist well in meditations focused on manifesting desires.

How to Cleanse Bloodstone

Bloodstone Correspondences

  • Ruling Planets: Mars
  • Astrological Signs: Pisces, Libra, Aries
  • Elements: Earth, Fire
  • Energy: (Masculine or Feminine) Masculine
  • Deities: Isis, Black Madonna

How to Cleanse Bloodstone

Cleansing your bloodstone is important as it can absorb unwanted energies upon use. 

There are a few cleansing options you can choose from and any of these can work equally well. To cleanse your bloodstone with tap water, position your crystals under running tap water for at least 30 to 60 seconds.

To cleanse it with saltwater, place your crystal in a bowl with salt water and immerse it for 24 hours. Another option you might also like to consider is by placing or burying your crystal underneath the soil of a healthy plant for 24 hours.

This allows the crystal to absorb the healing and cleansing energies of the earth and rejuvenate itself. 

How to Charge Bloodstone

Charging your bloodstone is just as important as cleansing it. While cleansing eliminates unwanted energies, charging your crystal gives it depth, purpose, and intention. 

Bloodstone is a highly protective stone that can provide you with self-confidence, courage, and strength. It is also a helpful crystal you can use for divination and inner goddess meditation. 

To charge your crystal, begin holding your bloodstone crystal in one hand and cover it with the other hand, allowing in a little space for the energy of your intention to circulate around it. Make sure you are in the right state of mind where you hold no doubts about its power. Follow by visualizing your crystal absorbing bright white or golden light and captivating your intention. 

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