Clear Quartz Crystal Meaning & Properties

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Updated: February 12, 2023
Clear Quartz Crystal Meaning & Properties

Clear quartz is the powerhouse of all the crystals.

Each clear quartz is like a small radio always receiving and transmitting signals from the physical and spiritual planes. Its ability to amplify whatever energy or intention it holds makes this crystal the most versatile you’ll ever own.

The clear quartz has held many meanings to many different people over the centuries – none of which are wrong.

In Ancient Greece, they believed the clear quartz to be ice that had been frozen so hard it solidified and would never thaw. It was often used for its cooling properties. They were used to refract the light of the sun onto wood chips to start sacred fires.

Many cultures believed these crystals to be living things that took a breath once each century while others still thought of them as vessels for spirits or even the gods.

It’s no wonder that the clear quartz is referred to as the supreme gift from Mother Earth.

Because each quartz resonates on a unique level depending on the person, each piece is special. It is ready and willing to take your energy, your intentions, your power and amplify it to help what you manifest come to pass.

Clear quartz is an especially potent healing crystal.

By nature the clear quartz is programmable. It has no true purpose until you assign one to it. This versatility makes these crystals a must-have in every collection.

The clear quartz is the perfect example of why something more common isn’t necessarily less valuable.

Clear Quartz Properties

Clear quartz crystals are what you make them.

The main properties of the clear quartz are its ability to receive, store, transmit, and amplify energy of all kinds. It can be charged with a specific intention or it will soak in whatever energy surrounds it, including the energy of other crystals.

This is why quartz is used in technology all the time.

Due to its versatility, clear quartz is able to connect to every chakra. It embodies the energy of the master healer teacher and strengthens any healing energies being used around it.

One of the best things you can do with clear quartz is meditation work.

Just think about it. If you think of these crystals as a radio it only makes sense to use them when trying to connect to spirit guides, other planes of being, or even your own energy. They are perfect for heightening your psychic abilities.

Clear quartz will also act as a filter for negative energy, clearing the air around it.

Keeping one of these crystals nearby in the home or workplace aids in keeping communication clear and free from misunderstandings.

As an energy booster, clear quartz crystals are the perfect component for grids, wands, staffs, and amulets. As a powerful communication stone, clear crystal spheres are ideal for scrying.

Clear Quartz Correspondences

  • Ruling Planets: The Sun
  • Astrological Signs: All
  • Elements: All
  • Energy: Both
  • Deities: None
How to Charge Clear Quartz

How to Charge Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a highly programmable crystal. Charging it with your intention is important if you wish to use it for a certain purpose. Otherwise, it will take in other energies around it.

The best way to charge your clear quartz is through mindfulness.

Meditate with your clear quarts between your hands. Surround it only with your personal energy and frequency. Focus on the intent you want to power the crystal with.

As receptive as this kind of quartz is, it shouldn’t take long to charge it.

How to Use Clear Quartz

Place a clear quartz in your home to act as a filter against negativity. Or bury four of these crystals at the corners of your property for the same purpose.

Use clear quartz in communication with spirits during meditation or divination.

Wear clear quartz as a means of amplifying what you manifest for yourself.

Create grids, wands, and amulets using clear quartz to receive and amplify your energy during ritual work.

Add clear quartz to your bath to boost your personal energy.

Sleep with a clear quartz by your bed or under your pillow to help clarify your dreams.

Use clear quartz as a centerpiece of any ritual for added power.

Clear quartz is a powerful healing crystal. It’s capable of cleansing other stones and crystals of negative energy but you must remember that it’s not self-cleansing. Clear quartz takes in negative energy and traps it until you clear it.

To cleanse your clear quartz, place it in the sun from first light to midday.

Place it in pure running water such as a river for a short time to sweep away the negative energy. Or return the crystal to the earth for a full 24 hours.

You may also use sage smoke or other crystals to cleanse your clear quartz.

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