Crystals for Fertility

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Crystals for Healing

Crystals for fertility have been used down through the ages for healing and pregnancy. Human beings are composed of energy and these crystals are utilized for centuries to get rid of all energetic blocks that may be interfering with fertility.

They are made up of Earth’s energy and they have their frequency dependent on the arrangement of elements within their chemical composition that pulsate in its internal crystalline structure.

It is extremely beneficial for the body as it also eases the mind. It corrects hormonal imbalances and reduces stress levels. Old emotional energies intervene with fertility, so its healing properties aid in regulating the flow of a new energy inside the body.

When held close to the body, the human magnetic field changes. It transmits energy that enhances vitality and ultimately fertility. Each component of these energies vibrates at a precise frequency, this vibration emanates subtle healing energy and absorbs negative energies, which in return, releases equilibrium to the energy levels of your body.

Every life is nature’s miracle, fertility crystals are prominent aids for every pregnancy stage and they serve as nature’s way to nurture the life that is beginning to grow inside you.

How to Use Crystals for Fertility

Fertility crystals are security providers from every destructive energy that can harm you and your unborn child. This makes your pregnancy free from worries and fear, replacing them with total excitement and anticipation of what’s more to come in your challenging, yet extraordinary journey to motherhood.

With its majestic properties, these crystals also come with many different uses to enhance your fertility.

Utilizing your crystals may come in various forms. Bathing with them while adding essential oils, herbs, and bath salts are the most feminine way of letting its energy flow into your body.

To live in harmony with the moon has a riveting mind and body effect being the highest feminine energy. This resonates with the way of using your crystals by setting intentions during the new moon.

Connect with your crystal’s energy by placing it on your belly for a few minutes before going to sleep. This does not only supply its innate sense to rejuvenate your body, but it also carries comfort to your child.

Whether you perform these practices alone or with your partner, rest assured that these fertility crystals will be hand in hand with nature to grant you its astounding potential.

The Best Crystals for Fertility


Fluorite aids in hormonal changes that are very prominent during pregnancy and works in stabilizing the mind and emotions while strengthening both the mother and the baby throughout the pregnancy period. This brings spiritual awareness and opens the connection between the physical and emotional levels.


Moonstones bring pensive and calming energy by balancing emotions perfect in alleviating stress while trying to conceive. A stone for women with inclinations bestowed by the moon opening the heart to other nurturing qualities that are pivotal during pregnancy. This encourages regular menstrual cycles and boosts feminine energy.


Aquamarine is a highly-protective crystal during pregnancy as its central purpose is to discourage miscarriages. This crystal helps in eliminating any fluid retention and is renowned in easing any ailments in various body areas. Like other fertility crystals, Aquamarine balances hormones and also stimulates the immune system.


Pearls have strong feminine energy and resonate deeply with the tides of the uterus. It supports the creation of your body’s pregnancy hormones as well as postnatal hormones. This even enhances reproductive functions and helps in conceiving easily while sidestepping complications during the initial stages of pregnancy.


Its dynamic properties help foster harmony and confidence. Aventurine creates a bond between the mother and the unborn child through its calming nature. This also assists in working through lingering emotional concerns that could trigger stress and it soothes the emotions whenever you feel exhausted or frustrated.

Ruby Zoisite

This is an all-power energy amplifier that raises the energy field. Ruby Zoisite boosts the reproductive process at all levels as it brings support and protection, especially in the development of the fetus. It increases vitality and enthusiasm for the life that is developing inside the womb.

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