Crystals for Luck

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Updated: February 12, 2023
Crystals for Luck

Distinct crystals hold different invigorating properties. Crystals for good luck are natural materials that generate positive energies which are notable determinants of a flourishing life. They draw ample fortune towards you no matter what the circumstance there is.

Each lucky crystal has its unique vibrations and characteristics, transforming your energy fields and advancing your wealth, relationships, and career. They serve as windows to the soul and the world surpassing conventional understanding.

Luck is a dream substantiated and these crystals are the most reliable trigger pullers to let it into your life through their capacity to eliminate undesired negativity which in return, gives you self-confidence and inspiration. If you’re down on luck, these specific gemstones help sustain your finances and take things into your favor with their universal energy.

Its crystalline structure produces sturdy and steady vibrations that correspond with the restorative energy of the earth. They counter bad luck from invading your horizon by recognizing the opportunities that will change your mind and life.

Lucky crystals are valuable life intensifiers in multiple circumstances. It embraces your principles and cleanses them, giving you a broader perspective as you relish life with vigor and endurance to pursue your dreams and purposes.

How to Use Crystals for Luck

Luck crystals are repellents of negative energies that may block opportunities and career advancements. Regardless of these unwanted forces, these gemstones are here to drag you back on track and envelope you with security to dispel these forces.

Making use of its essential potency is not solely through meditating and programming your thoughts by setting your purest intentions to the stones. Incorporating them in your daily routine and constantly having them close at home or work are also game-changers in harnessing its energy.

Placing it on your heart center or sleeping with it are both lovely ways to utilize your crystals. So, instead of crossing your fingers for extra luck in varying life conditions, just hold on tightly to your crystal to feel its energy’s presence and you’re one step ahead in attracting sprinkles of luck wherever you are.

Whenever you find yourself caught up in tough situations and the odds seem to be against you, it can help you by identifying concepts and solutions that are outside the box and opens you to fresh opportunities with confidence.

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Luck crystals are the best providers of an energetic blanket of comfort as you embark on your expertise or financing endeavors.

The Best Crystals for Luck


Citrine is often dubbed the Lucky Merchant’s Stone, it is one of the most compelling gemstones for good luck. Its positive vibrations draw wealth and prosperity, this tantalizing crystal elevates your mood by keeping away bad things from your life, and shines a light into the most daunting circumstances.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a golden stone that exposes your eyes to many opportunities that abound your life. The mystical appearance of this crystal can’t help but attract luck particularly to business owners and its multiple lines symbolize the numerous paths you can follow to succeed in your pursuits.


Carnelian is a powerhouse for luck, a talisman for money-making ventures, and new resources. It wards-off disastrous things, it is also hailed the Stone of Ambition that intensifies your drive and determination. This crystal is a prominent investment if you crave to have a clearer vision in making life decisions.


Lodestone has been held in high honor not only as a Powerful Amulet, but also an all-around Good Luck Charm since ancient times. Its Magnetic Influences and strong energies are highly beneficial in inviting your desires, wealth, prosperity, and the right amount of luck needed to succeed in business opportunities.


The vibrant green exterior of Jade signifies a four-leaf clover, a token of lucky charm, immeasurable fortune, and emits a shielding energy; an ultimate lucky stone. This crystal promotes energies of harmony in every life aspect and encourages longevity, vitality, and a constant wealth.


Goldstone’s energy to bestow good luck will boost the glow of one’s career. It stimulates one’s intellectual strengths and unveils the path to victory. This extravagant-looking stone is deeply associated with luck and fortune and is also applied in games of change as well as in fortune-telling.

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