Crystals for Money

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Crystals for Money

You already have everything you need.

It may not be easy to believe that because of the external forces that may be influencing you to think otherwise.

The truth is, you already have everything you need. Nature has provided everything for you and all you have to do is discover, acknowledge, and receive.

Monetary or material wealth is a type of abundance reflected by the true nature of the Self. This type of success can only be mirrored by a person who believes that abundance already resides within their soul.

Money crystals can inspire you to take action towards discovering what you already have. With the right intention, they can also manifest all-embracing abundance into your life.

The right crystals can aid you in manifesting forthcoming success, wealth, and abundance in your life whether your goal is to increase your sales, pay your debts, or achieve financial independence.

How to Use Crystals to Attract Money

Crystals are collective pieces from nature that hold powerful vibrations strong enough to attract your desires and repel what blocks you from achieving it. With the right crystal, you can ask and receive what you want.

To use crystals in manifesting monetary wealth in your life, begin by choosing an abundance crystal that you are attracted to. It is important to keep yourself focused when choosing a crystal, feeling and picking the one with the strongest vibration.

Once you find the crystal of your choice, program it with your desire. Being specific in your manifestations by setting a due date or a specific amount can help you increase your chance of receiving it.

You can also use crystals to manifest tangible objects by writing your desires on a piece of paper and mindfully putting your chosen crystal on it. This enables the crystal to absorb the energies of your desires and make it more attainable.

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For best results, bring the crystal you set the intention with and keep it close by putting it in your wallet or savings jar.

The Best Crystals for Money


Pyrite is considered to be the master of abundance crystals. Its bright metallic luster makes it look like Gold, a symbol of treasure and wealth. Pyrite will most likely give you more than you ask for. This crystal attracts what you truly need rather than what you want.


Citrine is a money-attracting crystal otherwise known as “The Merchant’s Stone”. It is a crystal for entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives who aim for sustainable financial success. Citrine is like the ‘sunshine’ of your business, making sure there is a constant inflow of money.

Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye is a crystal of confidence and will-power. This crystal gives you the strength to express yourself and move towards your goal by taking inspired action. Tiger’s eye is useful for bringing luck to a new business.

Green Jade

Green Jade is a crystal of prosperity, peace, and harmony. This crystal tames your mind from anxiety and heals you from severe trauma caused by money loss. Green Jade is the best crystal to use if you are in the stock trading business.


Emerald is a crystal associated with the heart chakra. This crystal instills passion and creativity, making sure you do not forget who you are in the money-making process. Emerald reminds you to prioritize happiness as abundance will surely follow after it.

Green Aventurine

Aventurine is the most versatile stone in all abundance crystals. It is a crystal you can use to manifest the abundance of material wealth, health, or relationships in your life. Aventurine cleanses the areas from unhealthy thought patterns that might be hindering your path to success.

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