Crystals for Weight Loss

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Updated: February 12, 2023
Crystals for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Crystals are best for taming emotional kickbacks and elevate mind-over-matter mentality to keep you from wreaking havoc on those around you during times of transition. One of its main roles is to establish new patterns by providing the right amount of energy which will help in building brand new relationships and change your emotional responses towards food.

These fairly significant crystals are equipped with high vibrational energy. With that said, they are all attuned to a positive outlook, unwavering motivation, mental stability, intention setting, breaking negative and toxic cycles. They assist in boosting your performance and stamina to diligently strive for things required for weight loss.

When these weight loss gemstones are put to use, their powers will be utilized resulting in faster metabolism to achieve a better weight that improves overall health and well-being.

They are meant to assist one’s efforts by providing will power, focus, and curb cravings to facilitate weight loss by reducing stress when it’s time to shred a few pounds. Weight Loss crystals act as conduits to provide the energy that heightens the metabolism and maintains our internal fat burning fire strong.

How to Use Crystals for Weight Loss

Weight Loss crystals are used as master cleaners of the mind and body to dispel negativity, amplify healing energies, and aid in cleansing the etheric body of negativity. They are piezoelectric and pyroelectric, which means they can turn pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy.

You can create a crystallized water elixir by holding one of your weight loss crystals in one hand while envisioning your goals and intentions for the day. Placing them in a mason jar of filtered water and soaking it in the sun for 2-4 hours or putting it at the end of your mat to bring your yoga practice to the next level are all very practical ways to make use of its remarkable abilities.

Arranging a weight loss crystal grid in your home or setting diet gemstone figurines to keep their good vibrations near you all night are all hailed as efficient ways to channel these crystals’ greatness.

To help bolster your diet’s success rate, you can perform reprogramming by meditating with these crystals. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the sudden surge of your appetite, simply select a stone and rub it between your finger and thumb while focusing on relaxing and quieting your mind.

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The Best Crystals for Weight Loss

Yellow Apatite

Similarly named Golden Apatite, this crystal aids in the strengthening of willpower, confidence, and assertiveness. With its strong metaphysical properties, it brings a sunny and spiritual energy to the aura while preserving mental clarity to help you discover other capabilities, and figure out what you desire in life.


This fabulous blue-violet crystal is a Vision Stone that clears thought forms, opening intuition. It will allow you to express your true self and breaks the chains of expectation from others that always held your better self back. It encourages taking responsibility for oneself and overcoming codependency within partnerships.

Picasso Marble (Jasper)

This is an extremely nurturing stone that makes a great companion during a challenging period of your life. It will sustain you during times of difficulties and will give you the solutions to get past the disturbing stage. This brings you feelings of peace, wholeness, and tranquility.


This stone has unique metaphysical properties that get rid of the clutter and other unnecessary perplexities, allowing you to recognize what you need to do to make the necessary changes in your actions, emotions, and thoughts. Gaspeite will further develop your psychic talents to communicate with the spirit realm.


This Abundance Stone encourages independence and originality. It is inspirational in revealing talents, attracts fame and unexpected prosperity. This crystal also alleviates fearfulness, stress and is also an excellent remedy for phobia sufferers to ease their fear of dark, enclosed places and the presence of various triggers.


Sodalite is the Logic Stone, it stimulates tranquil energy, guiding the mind towards the natural relationship to the Universe. It inspires rational thought, intuition, objectivity, and verbalization of emotions. This crystal arouses emotional balance to calm panic attacks and surges insights, examination, and awakening to connect to your higher self.

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