Labradorite Crystal Meaning & Properties

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Updated: February 12, 2023
Labradorite Crystal Meaning & Properties

Labradorite is a stone of the feldspar family and is treasured for being the only stone that displays the exclusive optical phenomenon of labradorescence where iridescent flashes of vivid colors such as blue, gold, orange, red, green and in some cases violet are seen on its usually dark gray or black surface.

Legend says that an Inuit warrior had struck the stones that trapped the lights of Aurora Borealis along the coast of Labrador in Canada with his spear. Upon setting the majestic lights free to roam the sky, the stones fell while some of the lights’ energy remained in them, containing parts of the ‘frozen fire’ that give it that iridescent glow.

Labradorite is often referred to as the stone of magic or the stone of transformation and it is considered as the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom. It raises your consciousness and brings in Universal Energy.

It creates a barrier against negative energy and energy leakages. Labradorite enhances mental and intuitive abilities while aiding in the communications with spirit guides and your higher self. It not only serves as a bridge when moving among realms but also provides a secure way to return to the present.

Labradorite mitigates the unfavorable parts of our personalities. It reduces stress, anger, and recklessly impulsive behavior that lowers our vibrations and cause us to suffer from illnesses or detrimentally overwhelming feelings.

Labradorite brings in balance and promotes having our inner gifts and abilities come forward. It also brings you in touch with yourself and brings out the best in you that everyone from your workplace to your friends to your family including yourself will benefit from.

Labradorite Properties

Modern interpretations of Labradorite place it as the birthstone of Leo although earlier interpretations of it did not associate it as a traditional birthstone for any month or zodiac sign.

It is believed that the black labradorite represents other realms and as a birthstone, possesses earthly and spiritual connections that help the Leo achieve a calm state of mind and introspectively find their true destiny.

Labradorite is associated with the planets Uranus and Pluto which are the planets of renovation and regeneration respectively, aiding in transformation and bringing out your inner qualities.

Labradorite honors  Arianrhod, the Welsh goddess of the moon and stars whose home is at the Aurora Borealis where souls go to be born again. Labradorite also honors Cerridwen, the Welsh goddess of knowledge and motivation, who presides over the gifts of prophecy and magic.

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Labradorite is the crystal of shamans, diviners, and healers for its protective and strengthening properties that allow the balancing and safeguarding of the aura, achieving higher consciousness, and connecting the spiritual and physical energy with the earth.

Labradorite Correspondences

  • Ruling planets: Uranus/Pluto
  • Astrological signs: Leo
  • Elements: Water
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Deities: Arianrhod/Cerridwen
How to Cleanse Labradorite

How to Cleanse Labradorite

Due to the delicate nature of Labradorite, extra care has to be taken as it can break into two distinct directional pieces.

A safe way to cleanse Labradorite is through the use of water, and freshwater cleansing can be done through a quick rinse under running water or it can be soaked for 24 hours.

If you prefer to use salt water, give the Labradorite a quick rinse and be careful to not let it soak. Wrap the Labradorite in a soft white cloth when drying or storing to prevent the stone from getting marred.

Smoke cleansing can also be used through the burning of sage.

How to Charge Labradorite

As a close relative to the moonstone, you can charge Labradorite by leaving it under the moon while it soaks in freshwater for 24 hours.

Leaving Labradorite under a full moon magnifies the properties of the crystal, and it can also be charged under the sun since it takes on the energies of the sun and the moon. But be careful! Repeated exposure to sunlight can fade this stone.

You may then meditate with the stone and set your intentions that you would like to put in motion.

How to Use Labradorite

Wearing Labradorite will bring the intentions you have set wherever you go.

Labradorite can be put under your pillow while sleeping, kept in a pocket so it remains close to your body, or worn as jewelry to cleanse the body of toxins and the negativities acquired through other people’s energies on a daily basis.

Labradorite can improve the ability to hear messages from spirit guides and can be worn as earrings or as a pendant to help you remain centered.

Labradorite honors the goddess of the moon and stars as well as the goddess of knowledge and motivation.

Use Labradorite in making your wand to enhance your connections with other worlds and attract abundance while guarding against misfortune.

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