Moonstone Crystal Meaning & Properties

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Updated: February 12, 2023
Moonstone Crystal Meaning & Properties

Although all crystals acquire their unique beauty, moonstone is considered to be an eye-catching charm because of its distinct adularescence that mirrors a similar light reflected by the moon. 

Moonstone invites a strong connection with the divine thus emitting free-flowing vibration of peaceful and intuitive energy. 

Because of its powerful feminine energy, it balances masculinity by inspiring compassion and empathy. It is best used to discover passionate love and ease uncontrollable mood swings brought by stressful circumstances.

Moonstone nurtures the soul with abundant wisdom.

Being associated with the Moon Goddess who is also the Goddess of hunt and wild animals, the crystal is also known to protect and guide travelers in their journey. 

It motivates you to control what you can and trust the things you can’t. 

Often, we are faced with challenges bringing major changes that can cause us to be unbalanced or blocked. When you are blocked, you are most likely to work harder to find impractical solutions to unpredictable circumstances.

Moonstone inspires you to become more adept to accept and be still. In that way, we give our higher self a clear path to communicate better solutions with us through our intuition.  

Some of the key occasions to keep a moonstone close are during crucial life stages such as the start of a new relationship or family, the beginning of new life, and the establishment of a new career or business. 

For magic and divination, moonstone is a powerful trigger to use to connect with the higher self during a psychic reading. If you are looking for signs and/or symbols to appear in your dreams, you can allow a big possibility for this to happen by meditating and setting an intention with the crystal before you sleep.

Moonstone Properties

Moonstone is popular for its unique milky, bluish property described as adularescence. Because of the iridescent, moon-like beam reflecting from the surface of the crystal, it represents the moon.

Soon after its discovery, its beauty flourished in the age of the Art Nouveau period, when jewelers found its distinct charm. This made the crystal a jeweler’s choice for engagement rings, wedding rings and generally a symbol to portray passionate love between two people.

Moonstone is a perfect crystal for the zodiac sign Cancer, a water sign that is known for its intuitive brilliance and passion. 

It is highly associated with the moon Goddess we all come to know as Diana, who is earlier linked with Artemis, known as the olympian goddess of the hunt. Although the goddess is known to rule the moon, it was only later when she was linked with Selene, who is also a goddess of the moon. With that being said, Diana is hailed as a triple goddess or Diana Triformis, ruling the protection of travelers, hunters by guiding them with the light of the moon. 

Moonstone is best used for improving one’s psychic ability and intuition. It paves a path for witches to see beyond the human eye and communicate with the divine or the higher self. 

For men or individuals working in leadership and management careers, moonstone is also a great crystal to keep close to absorb its empathetic and compassionate abilities. It balances the masculine energy that perturbs and agitates the peacefulness of the soul. 

Moonstone Correspondences

  • Ruling Planets: Moon
  • Astrological Signs: Cancer
  • Elements: Water
  • Energy: Feminine
  • Deities: Diana
How to Cleanse Moonstone

How to Cleanse Moonstone

Just like other crystals, moonstone can be cleansed by washing it with running water from the ocean or a nearby stream. If you don’t have access to a nearby ocean, tap water can work just as well.  

You can also cleanse your moonstone by soaking it in saltwater overnight. Make sure to discard the water to avoid the vibrations it absorbed from the stone. 

Another way to cleanse your moonstone is by burning a sage smudge stick or an incense and holding your crystal towards the smoke for 30-60 seconds. You can also do this while visualizing a white light cleansing any stored negative energies from your moonstone. 

How to Charge Moonstone

After cleansing your moonstone, it’s time to set a fresh intention by meditating or initiating a ritual with it.

Moonstone embodies strong properties directed to increase calmness, intuition, and wisdom.

Because of Goddess Diana’s association with hunting and wild animals, moonstone is also a great protection stone for travelers.

Hence it’s common identification as the “Traveller’s Stone”.

How to Use Moonstone

Moonstone is said to induce calmness and intuition to what is because of its association to the higher self or the crown and third-eye chakra.

Moonstone gives users a chance to see the bigger picture and be calm in situations that one cannot control.

This particular calmness brings out harmony in every circumstance, making a wider opportunity for love to enter one’s auric field.

These qualities were seen in Moon Goddess Diana, which is why she is commonly associated with the crystal. 

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