Moss Agate Crystal Meaning & Properties

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Moss Agate Crystal Meaning & Properties

Crystals are of the earth and every Witch can benefit from working with their natural energetics and their magical qualities. 

Some crystals are even better suited for Green Witches, as they are naturally associated with the element of the earth, grounding them deeply in the energy of our planet. 

Moss Agate Properties

Moss agate is first and foremost a stone that attracts wealth, fertility and abundance. It is associated with the earth, and emanates its connection to mother nature in kind. 

If you are wanting to expand your connection with nature and practice Green Witchcraft, this stone brings a wonderful essence that you’ll want to meditate with to better understand yourself. 

Moss Agate Correspondences

  • Element:  Earth
  • Gender:  Female
  • Planets: Earth, Mercury
  • Zodiac:  Gemini
  • Energy:  Abundance, Money, Prosperity,  Fertility, Self-Love, Emotional Healing,
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Deity: Gaia, Cerridwen
How to Cleanse Moss Agate

How to Cleanse Moss Agate

Moss agate is a very durable stone that loves the elements. Choose your favorite cleansing style, like smoke, water, salt, or any other way that is meaningful to you.

Our favorite way is to bury Moss Agate in the clean earth for a day or two to let it rejuvenate itself with the natural energies of the earth before using.

How to Charge Moss Agate

An outdoor charging ritual is a great way to connect with your Moss Agate while allowing it to become even more imbued with the energy of mother earth.

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Find a safe, comfortable place in the woods or grass and let your Moss Agate simply rest there. Meditate as you connect to the energy of the stone and the surrounding earth as well. State your intention for your Moss Agate and raise your energy as you charge it with that same energy.

How to Use Moss Agate

Create a dedicated place for your Moss Agate to rest within your home or office–wherever you would like to bring the healing, abundant energy of nature into.

When you feel you need to realign, sit with your Moss Agate within your hands and allow the emanating power to surround you from the heart outward. Remember the cool earth that you experienced when you charged the crystal, and how it was interconnected with nature as a whole.

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