Daily Spells for the Modern Witch

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Daily Spells for the Modern Witch

Everyday is a chance to experience the magic of life. Often, we are too caught up with our responsibilities that we don’t get to appreciate the gifts of the present moment. But with a few little commitments for yourself, you may begin to shift your thoughts to come into being rather than becoming. 


Sunday is ruled by the sun and is a day of the week that is perfect for healing meditation and manifestation rituals. During this period is the best time to bring back hope and confidence for what is yet to come. 

On Sundays, ask for healing, grace, softness, hope and creativity from the Divine Feminine. Light a white or yellow candle and take a moment to reset and clear yourself from last week’s burden. Do not carry what is no longer there.

Seek for guidance as you step on to the next few days of your endless journey to enlightenment. Let that guidance help you see the opportunities and potential for greatness in the succeeding moments. 


“Moon day” or monday is a time of the week ruled by the moon. Monday is a time for reconnecting with your intuition and your divine feminine. During this period is the best time to do divination, weekly tarot reading and for invoking power. 

During mondays, make it a habit to meditate and consult your Higher Self through your intuition. A personal tarot reading goes a long way.

Questions to ask in your personal tarot reading: 

  • What goal should I be working on?
  • What current issues are demanding my attention?
  • What is my overall energy for the week? 
  • Advice from the Moon’s phase


A day of action. Tuesday is a day ruled by the mighty Mars. Pure fire, passion, courage and creativity is the general energy of Tuesday. During this time is the best time to light a yellow candle or even wear a yellow piece of clothing to work or at home. This gives you a sense of light and motivation. You are ready to take on the rest of the week. 

If you feel like you are being dragged down by responsibilities or bombarded by excess action, take a Tiger’s stone or any yellow crystal of your choice, and repeat this mantra: “I am in control.” 

planet of communication Mercury


Communication, negotiation and connection. Wednesday is a day ruled by the planet of communication: Mercury. It is a time for self introspection and recognition for missed karmic or non-karmic duties. Ask yourself what you lack, and seek for healing and improvement in that area.

Even more, ask your trusted friends and colleagues to give you feedback in your work. Accept their opinions, suggestions and comments with grace. Be aware and conscious. Use these opinions for the betterment of your physical, mental and spiritual development. 

Find a time when you cannot be disturbed and write all these comments on paper. Light a black or white candle and burn the paper with the intention to “unbind” from these mishaps and dispel all self-limiting beliefs.


It’s money day! Thursday is a day of fortune, wealth and success. During this period is the best time to recognize all your efforts to live a joyful life. A goal doesn’t necessarily have to be reached this time. Be grateful for what you have attained! 

To commemorate this small celebration, bring a citrine crystal or any green crystal. Bring this to remind you of the good fortune you have, whether it is monetary or spiritual. Share acts of kindness and generosity to strangers and people who have contributed to your small successes. 


Favorite time of the week! No doubt it is everyone’s favorite day. Friday is ruled by the Nordic Venus, goddess of love, beauty, fertility and friendship! Use this time to create memories with your loved ones by cooking dinner or inviting them to watch their favorite movie.

If you wish to spend the time to yourself, give yourself some love as well! Get in a magickal love bath and surround yourself with items that bring you bliss and joy.


Completion. Saturday is ruled by all the elements: earth, fire, water and air. Aquarius and capricorn energy surround the day with manifestation, discipline, action and mostly protection.

During this time, work and check around every aspect of yourself both physical, mental and spiritual by maintaining your protective bubble. 

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