You are What You Eat: A Guide to Food Magick

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
You are What You Eat A Guide to Food Magick

We are all oriented to the fact that herbs play a large role in witchcraft. But did you know that even fruits and vegetables have their own magickal correspondences that you can apply into your magickal life?

You might have heard of the saying, you are what you eat. Although not quite literal, food affects our actions, decisions and emotions. In this article, we will take a look at how certain food may take effect in our life and how we can take this in our advantage.

Food Associations 

To give you a head start, let’s look at the general associations connected with certain fruits and vegetables. 


Apples are linked to love and is a fruit commonly used in spells focused on attracting a lover. To boost effectiveness, some people like adding cinnamon to add a bit more magick into the spell.

If you wish to attract love into your life, add apples into your diet  or use apples in baking goods you wish to serve the person you want to attract. 


Beans invite harmony, peace and friendship. Beans are healthy, nutritious and filling, making it easy for anyone to feel grateful and attuned with the people around them. To boost this vibe, keep this intention in mind while cooking. 


Bananas boost masculine energy and encourages action. Bananas are versatile, easy to like and are able to blend with any fruit. If you are expecting employment or working to attain long term wealth, bananas make a great option for this particular intention. 

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Although eggs are associated with fertility, eggs are not limited to spells focused on child bearing. Eggs represent potential — making it a great choice of food if you are trying to manifest something great. 


Tomatoes boost creativity, passion and curiosity. The bright red color of a ripe tomato alone gives off a feeling of motivation. If you are currently working on a project that requires innovation and creativity. Tomatoes are your best bet.


Surprisingly, avocados are fruits of beauty, youth and femininity. Avocados are also great fruits for psychic protection, especially if you regularly perform spirit work or astral projection. 

Application of Magick 

There is still yet a lot of food to tackle on. Now you know a few associations, let’s see how you can apply these into your daily life. 

The rule of thumb is to prepare with your intention in mind — always. Also, you do not need to eat repetitively. The clue here is to know the complimenting mixture both in taste and in magical correspondences

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