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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
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Connection to the earth and the natural world is something that we’re born with, but it’s easy to feel disconnected as we go about our daily lives.

The truth is, we’re never disconnected and no reconnection is required to enjoy the benefits of working with the immense power of mother nature in our spells and rituals.

This candle magic spell raises your awareness of your earth connection, and opens your eyes to this connection as you consciously create your desired outcomes in your life.

It’s simple, with only 5 steps, but it can help you enhance your connection to the world around you in a big way.

Gather a Few Items

  • A brown candle (to resonate with the earth energy)
  • A ritual oil
  • Herbs to dress your candle with
  • A small handful of dirt in a fire safe dish
  • A lighter

Meditate on the Earth

This candle magic spell works well outside, since Green Witchcraft and earth magic are empowered by the natural environment (among many other things).

Bring your tools with you in a backpack to work this spell outdoors if possible. Or, if this is not a possibility for you, simply use this time and space outdoors to prepare yourself mentally for your spell at home.

Sit quietly in a place outdoors that is meaningful to you. Close your eyes and visualize your current connection with the resonant energy of the earth. It may feel faint to you now, but realize your connection is not broken. No reconnection is required. No special ceremony needed to realize your connected nature. Just be, connected.

Listen to the sounds close by, then let your awareness travel farther. Feel the energy of the trees, the grass, and the deep flowing tide of the earth below you that rises high into the air above.

This process clears up the misconception that we are disconnected. You are one, and are always affecting the natural world whether you have felt it or not.

Green Witchcraft and earth magic

Cast a Circle

If your tradition holds that casting a circle is required, cast one now.

If you’re new to this, a circle is a great tool to help you clear unwanted energy from your workings and to mark the beginning of your spell.

Cleanse & Center

Place your tools in front of you and cleanse them with your favorite cleansing tool, such as a smoke wand, blessed water or similar.

Start with your candle to purify it and prepare it to become infused with energy. Apply ritual oil and dry herbs as you see fit to begin to prepare this abundance candle for your spell. And finally, place the candle in a small mound of dirt to root it in the earth’s energy. It is cleansed and prepared.

Center yourself once again. Feel yourself meld with the earth and honor the fact that you are in your natural environment, just like the grass, trees, air and earth are. Find comfort here in this space.

Work Your Magic

This spell breaks down unseen barriers that prevent us from feeling as one with the earth and all of nature, something that is often very important to the Green Witch.

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You will use your candle as a physical symbol of these barriers dissolving into harmony.

Surround the dressed candle with your hands. Once again, raise your energy to feel the grounded energy of the earth all around you. Visualize and feel yourself becoming one with earth energy and flowing easily into the brown candle before you.

Imbue this candle with this energy and let it be contained within. This candle is now a physical representation of your connection to nature.

When the time comes for you (now, or in the future), burn this candle to honor this connection and release this pure energy and intent into the universe.

What Is Green Witchcraft?

The natural world envelops us every single day. Its abundance and temperance flows in and among all things that are willing to interact with it, and everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe to the water we drink is a gift from the green earth.

The Green Witch is moved by the cycles of nature and much of their practice is centered around learning and becoming attuned to the flows of energy that the earth brings.

If you are a beginner witch, inspired by the natural world, find yourself enamored with plants, or are simply excited to learn more about yourself by studying the natural world all around, Green Witchcraft may be a path that you can benefit from. 

Here are 4 ways you can begin to explore the deep and wide path of Green Witchcraft.

Understand Your Environment

Green Witchcraft is all about the connection to earth and life itself. What better way to learn how things work together in your area than to go experience nature yourself?

Go on a walk, take a trip to the mountains or simple choose a park to spend time in as you learn to feel your connection to the environment more deeply.

Learn & Work with Herbs & Plants

Herbs are often the best place to start, as there are many every day uses for them. You can use them in food to help with digestion, tea to improve the body, and as decoration and in your home as magical talismans. There are many books on the subject of magic and herbs. Go try it out!

Grow a Garden

Plant things and watch them grow! It’s okay if you don’t have room for a full garden, use the space you have to plant sunflowers, herbs, lettuce and even veggies that you buy from the store to see how they grow and flourish.

We Are All Connected

We often can’t see how we’re all connected by a universal web of life. It’s easy to assume that one tree has one set of roots, but in fact, many trees produce many more trees from a single sysemt of roots. The more you work with to understand and engage with this interconnected energy, the more power your Green Witchcraft will have.

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