3 Herbs For Divination & Psychic Ability

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Herbs For Divination & Psychic Ability

Herbs have been used for thousands of years in magical workings.

Healers, shamans, and various other practitioners of ancient magic used to harness herbs in their spells to increase their potency. After all, using herbs and their properties is some of the most natural magic one can find.

Each herb corresponds to different specific things and using the correct ones in your practice is key.

Divination and psychic ability can be increased with the use of specific herbs.

There are many that will do this, but star anise, jasmine and yarrow are three of the most common herbs for increasing divination and psychic abilities. 

Star Anise

One of the most popular plants for increasing these two skills is star anise.

Star anise is common in Eastern cuisines and is found in pods of eight-pointed stars. It is strongly linked to increasing psychic abilities.

This herb is a Moon herb and is especially potent when used in lunar-aligned spells. Traditionally, it is burned to release its powers of clairvoyance and deeper psychic understanding. However, there are many ways to incorporate the use of star anise into your workings.

Placing it inside your pillow as you sleep may increase the divinatory nature of your dreams. Star anise is also known to help ward off the Evil Eye.

Placing it in your pillow as you sleep may ward away bad dreams. Star anise tea can also be consumed to achieve many of the same effects.

Combining it in sachets with spells is common in magical practices looking to add some of star anise’s power.

As noted before, burning star anise is a popular tactic when it comes to magical workings. With the proper safety and fire precautions, this can be a powerful way to utilize the divination and psychic abilities that the herb has within.

Star anise can be useful in many spells but is especially excellent for psychic development and protection as well as clairvoyance.

Jasmine Magical Properties


Jasmine is another good choice of herb for increasing divination and psychic ability.

It is strongly aligned with the planet Venus. Workings that correspond to Venus’ trajectory in the sky are complemented by jasmine. Its relationship with Venus also speaks to what kind of magic jasmine helps assist.

Jasmine is especially strong in areas of love magic, due to its association with Venus. It is also strong in increasing divinatory properties. This means that jasmine will be powerful when used with spells aligned with both of these interests- however, it can also be utilized for one or the other.

Making jasmine tea is a popular choice to harness its abilities, and jasmine is sold frequently as an essential oil. Jasmine can also be placed inside your pillow while sleeping to induce prophetic dreams.

Many magic practitioners place jasmine on their third eye while meditating to increase their psychic ability and open themselves up to deeper connection.

Jasmine is also frequently invoked during tarot card or fortune card readings. Its enhancement of divinatory skills can assist the accuracy of these readings.

It is associated with the moon (the waxing moon in particular) as well as femininity and water.


Yarrow is one of the herbs most documented in folklore and mythology.

Its use for medicinal purposes dates back to 60,000 BC. It even found its way into the myth of the Greek Hero Achilles, who is said to have used yarrow to help heal wounds that he and his soldiers sustained in battle during the Trojan war.

Yarrow’s use in healing spells and rituals is not its only claim to fame- it is also a powerful herb for increasing psychic ability.

In Scotland, rubbing your eyelids with yarrow was said to produce second sight.

Another use for Yarrow’s prophetic properties is that its stalks can be used for casting the I Ching.

As with the other two, placing yarrow in a pillow can bring about prophetic dreams. Drinking tea made of yarrow before you undergo a divinatory work can help bring clarity and a deeper understanding of it.

Burning yarrow incense while at work can also boost the psychic power of your magic.

You can also place it in sachets for an easy and transportable way to use its clairvoyant properties. 

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