6 Hobbies That Can Grow Your Power as a Witch

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Hobbies That Can Grow Your Power as a Witch

Did you know that certain hobbies can enhance your connection with the Divine and may ultimately grow your power as a witch?

Although any hobby led by joy and passion can ground and empower you, these hobbies can make it possible for you to immerse yourself in the healing energy of nature and creativity. Some of these hobbies can also be used to practice a manifestation ritual and/or meditation. 


Knitting is one of the most underrated spellwork rituals. If you’re familiar with knitting or crocheting, you would notice the repetitive motion of the hand as it creates similar knots until the end of a project. This time can be used to manifest and attract energy to your project. You can begin with friendship bracelets and lucky charms if you are new to the craft.


Gardening or any forms of hobbies that keep you in touch with nature can strengthen your connection with the Divine Feminine. Caring for plants alone can even make you aware of current environmental issues and influence you of eco-friendly practices that are essential in keeping the earth in tip-top shape for the generations to come. 


Writing music, composing poems, immersing in journal and fiction writing are all under the hobby of ‘writing’. Writing in any form can strengthen your ability to manifest by practicing your visualization and composition skills. This hobby makes it easier for you to imagine and “draw the life you want”.

This creative hobby can also open parts of your chakra, particularly your throat chakra, preparing you for other higher forms of divination such as tarot reading and astral projection. 

Dressing Candles

Candle Making 

With some candle wax, essential oils, herbs and crystals, you can start your candle making journey. This witchy hobby is a great opportunity for you to create spell candles with a personal touch. You may even tweak and create a design that resonates with whatever you are trying to manifest in a spell. 


Say it with me, cooking is for every witch even if you’re not a kitchen witch! Cooking allows you to mix and blend natural ingredients that are made to support a spell, protect your home or cleanse your aura.

Creating concoctions is also a great alternative to cooking if you prefer making and drinking concoctions. Either way, you get to manifest and directly consume your “magick” drink or meal — allowing you to thoroughly absorb the energy you collected through cooking.


Stargazing or studying the moon and the stars exposes you to the powerful energy of the moon during the night. This also makes a good hobby especially if you are the kind of witch interested in birth charts and astrology.

Hobbies that allow you to immerse yourself in nature or ones that “stop” time are the hobbies to keep. Consider this as a pact: whatever makes you curious, may it be on this list or not, start doing it today. Make it a creative space for you to manifest whatever you want to invite in your life. 

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