Astral Projection Guide: How to Perform Astral Travel Safely

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Updated: April 1, 2023
How to Perform Astral Travel Safely

In plain terms, astral projection is an out of body experience. It is one of the most powerful forms of these experiences. During astral projection, the soul is separated from the physical body. The astral is the subtle body that hovers over and observes the environment. It can even cross time and space barriers to wherever intuition lies.

Those who practice astral projection are extremely aware of this separation from the physical form and the moment when the soul reunites with the physical body. Oftentimes people can experience this during an illness or near-death experience.

Clairvoyance is also included in the idea of astral projection, because clairvoyance is the ability to gain information through extra sensory perception. These powers are beyond touch, sight and other senses.

History of Astral Projection

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For centuries, Shamanism has flourished off traditions deeply rooted in the awareness that the souls of healers leave the bodies to ask for direction from other beings in order to heal and clarify what is being asked by those seeking it. Historically, many societies and religions have records referring to astral projection. A large number of these accounts were written in the Middle Ages, and it is even referenced in the Bible.

How to Astral Project

  1. Enter a State of Deep Relaxation

The first step is to relax both mentally and physically. The best time for this is in the morning after sleep. A state of deep relaxation is necessary for this to occur, so choose a spot in the home where there is great comfort. Astral projection is better to preform alone, in a dark atmosphere, so be sure to close the shades.

Lie down with closed eyes and clear the mind of all thought. Concentrate on the body and how the body feels. The goal is to be in a state of complete relaxation.

Flex the muscles in the body one by one, and then loosen them, until all tension is released from the body. Take deep breaths and let go of any tension in the chest and shoulders. Focus on the deep breaths and let go of all worry. It may be helpful to hold a quartz crystal to heighten the vibrations to the chakra.

  1. Move the Soul from the Body

For this step a hypnotic state is necessary. This is generally called a hypnagogic state. Allow the body and mind to approach sleep. Being at the edge of sleep and wakefulness is known as being in a hypnotic state. This step is crucial to astral projection.

To reach this state keep the eyes closed, and let the brain wander to a certain part of the body, such as the foot. Focus on the foot until it is visualized perfectly. Focus until all other chatter in the mind falls away. Use the mind to move the particular body part, but don’t physically move it. Do this until it seems like it is physically moving.

At this point expand the focus to the rest of the body. Start moving arms, legs, and the head using just the mind. As long as this focus is kept, the whole body can be moved with just the mind.

  1. State of Vibration

As the soul is in preparation to leave the physical body, many experience vibrations that come in different frequencies and varying waves. Do not fear these vibrations, as fear will break the meditative state. Giving into the vibrations is necessary for an out of body experience.

  1. The Silver Cord—What Is It and How to Use It

Visualize the room where the out of body experience is taking place. Begin moving the body, by using the mind, to get up. Get up from where the body is lying and walk across the room. Then turn and observe the physical body lying on the bed. This will become a clear astral projection if the feeling is of observing the body from across the room. This means that the conscious self has separated from the body. This particular step can take a lot of practice; but for some is very natural.

The soul will remain connected to the body with something called a ‘silver cord.’ This cord will guide the soul back to the body. Once the soul has re-entered the body, begin psychically moving your body, and return from the meditative state.

  1. Exploring the Plane

Once the art of projecting the soul from the body has been completed, confirmation is necessary that the body and soul were in two different planes. Instead of looking back at your body, turn and leave the room and begin to examine objects in another room. Making mental notes of shape, color and size and any other detail is very important.

Then return the soul to the body and physically go into the room just visited and examine the object. See if the details of the object are the same as what is in the mind. In each subsequent session, visit places that are less familiar, and focus on an object in the same way. Look for details that were never noticed before, and after the session physically look at the object and verify these very details. After this is repeated several times, the out of body experience can be at places completely unfamiliar.

Are There Any Dangers to Astral Projection and How It Can Heal the Sick?

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Be sure to ask for protection during out of body experiences that are in places that are foreign. Imagine the body bathed in a white glowing light, as if a cloud is surrounding the body, or is inside of it. This is protection against negative energy. As long as there is no fear of the astral projection, no harm will come, and the ‘silver cord’ will never weaken.

It can be possible to heal others during an out of body experience. The sick person needs to be envisioned and visualize a bright light in the hands. Put these hands on the sick person’s head and abdomen, pouring this light into them.

The Rope Technique

Another technique that is used in astral projection is called the rope technique. This is considered to be the most accessible method.

First relax the physical body and visualize each muscle and feel the vibrational state. Once in the state, imagine a rope or cord hanging down above you. Using the subtle body, grasp the rope with both hands. The physical body must remain completely relaxed.

Climb the rope while visualizing reaching the top. Once the awareness of the physical body is achieved, the astral plane can be explored.

Modern Day Astral Projection

Today, there are several highly esteemed organizations that exist that are slowly putting rumors of the danger from astral projection to rest, through research. The Parapsychological Association, which was founded in 1957, focuses on exploration of out of body experiences and challenging the false narratives created around astral projection. Several nationally accredited researchers and institutions have made headway in the field of astral projection and out of body experiences.

Researchers and cultures known for using astral projection are many years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of the understanding of human consciousness. It can be argued this knowledge is floating a plane away. This experience is attainable to all who are open to the paranormal.

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