How to Build a Magick Shield Around You

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Build a Magick Shield Around You

Building a magick or psychic shield is one of the basic things that one should learn as a witch. Creating a bubble around your aura is equally essential with regular cleansing, as this can repel negative energies, including ill wishes and curses from other people. 

While being enlightened gives you access to higher powers, it may also cause you to become more sensitive to other vibrations. This is because your intuition is stronger and, for some reason, witches are more likely to be empathetic.

Feeling drained is one of the obvious symptoms of an affected auric field. Sometimes, this is quite obvious — happening only when you read a client or talk to a person whose vibration evidently appears to be operating at lower or denser levels. Other times, it’s hard to tell that your aura is blocked or causing leakage.

Some people operating in lower vibrations who portray themselves to be at a similar level as you may have the tendency to feed off energy from you. In fact, a lot of people are attracted to higher frequency levels, even those who carry envy, jealousy or anger in their hearts. 

Magickal Shields and Critical situations

A magick shield cannot protect you from critical situations where physical harm is possible. However, a shield can reduce the probability of the harm to perpetuate. This is because it changes your perception of the situation and gives you better clarity to handle it. 

Building a Magick Shield

Building a Magick Shield

So, how do you build a magick shield or a psychic bubble? One simple rule is this: do not take your personal energy to build it. There are several ways to build one, including casting a circle, visualization and divine invocation. 

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To give you a grasp of what a shield would look like in a visualization practice, imagine it as an eggshell around your body, thickening its outer surface as you go deeper. This creates a boundary from outer energies, especially negative ones. Imagine your shield with a filter, only absorbing the good and the positive vibrations. 

Casting a circle is also an option you can use to build a shield. Normally, a circle is cast during spiritual work or divination, so those unwanted energies could not disturb the frequency ideal to manifest a spell. You can do this by lighting a black candle and visually marking the space around you and surrounding it with positive energy and the vibration in which you wish to operate from today.

This can be masculine, feminine, joyful, motivated, or inspired. Make sure it aligns with your daily goals, for a start. If you feel a leak in your aura, revisit your inner self. If you feel worry, doubt or fear, it most likely came from the inside. Break the circle, release the tension, kick out self limiting beliefs and cast the circle again. 

People around you may also react to your shield, even if they do not see it. You can witness this by observing their actions. Are they starting to stray away from you or do they specifically point out how inaccessible you are?

If they act like this, it’s most likely that they are the reason why your energies get depleted without a shield. Alternatively, some people may also act more comfortable around you, as your vibration is more stable, communicative, open and positive.

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