How to Connect with the Otherworld through Tarot

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Connect with the Otherworld through Tarot

As the veil is thinning this season, communication between the otherworld and the physical realm is stronger. Transmission of energy is also even more possible during this time. 

However, what most people do not know is the fact that the veil is not only thinning between us and our ancestors but also among the world of deities, fairies and other spirits — making all realms accessible to us through our chosen medium of communication. 

Connecting through Tarot

One of the ways we can access their message is through Tarot, which is a practice usually used to connect with our Higher Self. When the right questions are asked, endless opportunities may open up to you. 

A 6-Card Spread to Connect with Ancestors 

Your ancestors shaped you as you are more than you realize. They might even have experienced everything you have in a slightly different yet similar way. For some reason, connecting with your ancestors can open up these particular opportunities/pathways: 

  • A career path 
  • Self-actualization
  • New Relationships

Knowing your past and bringing them to light can bring about so much actualization and closure to the scars of your ancestors that you might have subconsciously carried yourself. This can also help you connect with the ancestor that is likely reflecting in your present. 

  1. The energy of the ancestor that influences your way of life
  2. Ancestral scars you have carried into this life
  3. A positive trait you have from this ancestor
  4. A negative trait you have from this ancestor
  5. How do I put this positive trait to work?
  6. A message from this ancestor 
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A 4-Card Spread to Connect with your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides play a large role in your life. They are the ones responsible for giving you signs— whether through a series of repeating numbers or shocking events to grab your attention.

If you reach out to them, especially when the veil is thinner, there is a better opportunity for you to decipher the message they are trying to tell you. 

  1. A card to represent your guide
  2. A message from them that you denied in the past
  3. How to be more open to signs 
  4. What your guide is helping you with in this journey
A 4-Card Spread to Connect with your Spirit Guides

Incorporating Other Tools for Communication 

If you wish to elevate your experience, you may add more divination tools and objects that represent a specific ancestor. To clearly visualize the message of your guide, you may add a pendulum or a crystal bowl to clearly visualize the message of your guide.

To add a representation of the energy you wish to attract, add a manifestation jar with herbs of relevant correspondences. To protect your realm from unwanted spirits while connecting with your beloved departed family members and ancestors, light a black candle and place a protection crystal on your altar.

Connecting to the otherworld is not to be taken lightly. As much as possible, give honor to the spirit you wish to connect with before you invite them in your space. Always remember to end each session with thanksgiving — no matter what message they have come to bring you. 

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