How to Find Your Animal Guide

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Find Your Animal Guide

Have you ever been drawn to a certain animal?

Spirit guides are known to embody animals during our lifetime. They show in dreams, in visions, and in special moments as guides and totems to protect your energy or send you a message during a journey.

They mostly appear as one animal in every lifetime but may also reappear in different forms depending on what you need to hear or what energy you have to restore during a phase in your life.

Once you fully understand what they came for here in the physical realm, you will be able to recognize their importance and their impact on your life.

Discover Your Animal Guide

Listen and observe your surroundings

The first step to discovering your spirit animal is by listening and observing your surroundings. When you run an errand, take a walk, ride the bus, or sit on your porch, make it a habit to put your phone facedown. Make every moment open for your spirit animal to show itself.

Go outside

In relation to the first tip, going outside can be a helpful practice to recognize your spirit animal. Go where they are most likely to appear. Walk or jog in green parks or plan a hike with an intimate group of friends. Wherever circumstances bring you, your guide will likely appear upon your graceful invitation.

Alternatively, you can do an inwards practice if you cannot access such practice for some reason. What animals tend to stay close to your home? What type of connection do you have with your pets? Learn from there.

Pay close attention to your dreams

Even if you cannot go outside, your spirit guide will appear everywhere. It will appear in your visions, meditations, dreams, and in other divination practices that you might have. Next time you dream of an animal, try to write it down as soon as you wake up. Keeping a notepad by your bedside table will make all the difference. 

How to find your spirit animal

Start journaling about animals

In relation to the previous tip, you may start journaling about animals just to get you familiar with the intensity of connection you have with all the animals. If you find a match with a strong connection, then it is probably your animal guide.

Learn to sense familiarity

The variety of animals existing on earth can be a bit overwhelming if you are just beginning to discover your animal guide. If you are grounded and aware, you will sense a familiarity that you have with a certain animal out of all the varieties in the world.

What appears most when you are happy, sad, or angry? Take note that not all appearances can come physically. 

Invite your spirit animal into your space

Last but not least, inviting your guide directly into your space can strengthen your relationship with your guide – which will make it easier to have a vivid description of your animal guide.

Hold a simple ritual or ceremony at your home altar and offer gifts such as flowers, fruits, honey, or wine. While in a grounded, meditative state, invite your spirit animal to show in your vision or your dreams. The animal that comes first into mind is likely to be your animal guide.

Common Spirit Animal Correspondences

Below is a list of animal guide correspondences that can commonly appear in one’s lifetime. Note that each person has unique spirit animals and they may appear for a different cause. These are only probable symbols.


The owl is an animal connected to deeper consciousness and understanding. It symbolizes understanding the deeper meaning of things. This can also signify seeing the truth behind humanely judged circumstances.


Butterflies are animals of change and transformation. It is directly related to one’s inner selves and their openness to change. People with butterflies as their spirit guides may also be called for a greater cause and are most likely to contribute massive change if their purpose is pursued.


Cats are animals of patience, perseverance, and curiosity. It symbolizes one’s interest in challenges that train their focus. People with cats as their spirit guides can be very goal-oriented but at the same time very particular of their interest in their ventures.


Horses symbolize passion and drive in all things. People with horses as their spirit guides can be very organized, passionate, and hardworking – ready to face all shortcomings with a straight face.

Your animal guide can either be:

  1. The overall energy that your soul embodies in this lifetime
  2. A special message sent by your spirit guides 

We, as spiritual beings, hold unique energies that can be used to greatly contribute to the world once acknowledged. Your animal guide, as mentioned above, may be the special energy that you have in this lifetime. Knowing this, in turn, can help you know your true purpose and what you truly came to accomplish in this life. 

Second, the animal guide that you know may rather be a special message from your guides. Animals have different correspondences, qualities, and signs to unmask. Knowing the symbols behind other animals can improve your psychic ability to spot a sign when you see it.

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