How to Make a Manifestation Board with Magick

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Make a Manifestation Board with Magick

Making a manifestation board is one of most creative ways to direct your desires into your life. It is like a vision board — a collection of images, objects and trinkets that hold great similarities with what you want to invite into your life. This creates a mental obligation to inspire your actions with the intention to make this happen as well.

Words are very potent and powerful in making things happen. Writing down your affirmations is powerful enough to magnet your desires. How much more if you added a visual representation of your manifestations? With the support of witchcraft and magical elements? 

You never know where your board will take you. Unless your desires mean harm to others, there is nothing to lose in creating a manifestation board. 

Preparing your Materials

“Couldn’t I just pin them on my Pinterest board?”

Technology is a great help when it comes to visual boards but it has its limitations. If you don’t want to be crafty or if you’re a tech witch, then feel free to choose. 

Now, if you’re a crafty, old-fashioned witch, let’s move forward to the materials needed for your manifestation board: 

  • Craft board or any board 
  • Old magazines or printed images
  • Tarot Cards
  • Salt or any cleansing herb
  • Crystal Chips
  • Natural materials (bark, leaves, flowers) 
  • Relevant Quote/s
  • Colored markers 
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Although some materials are self-explanatory there are items that need a little backbone of understanding to be utilized. Below is a list of the magical materials that were mentioned earlier, each with their own correspondences. Don’t get started yet!

Printed Images

Needless to say, the printed images show a straightforward representation of what you want. It’s self-explanatory. I know. What I’d like to discuss in this area of the article is the non-guarantee of these items to come as you visualize them.

It means that these may come into your life in a magnified form or in a completely different material form. Do not be pressed or discouraged— the energy of these desires will not be altered or changed. Opportunities that show can always be traced in what you initially wanted. 

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are especially potent in supporting the direction of your manifestation. Incorporating tarot cards or copies of these cards speak of what you truly want or where your desire is coming from. This opens you up to a wide array of possibilities of aiming the root of your desire.

For instance, manifesting an amount of money is not specific. Money’s too vulnerable to inflation. You can keep the amount of money in mind, but with the help of “The World” card or the Ten of Pentacles, you make it clear that the desire you truly wish to fulfill is a major change in your lifestyle. 

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Salt or Cleansing Herbs

Cleansing herbs or salt should be placed with any sticking material on the borders of your manifestation board. This “seals” your manifestations and protects them from negative energy or alteration. 

Crystal Chips 

Crystals alone are potent in energy especially because they come from the depths of the earth. Adding bits or chips of crystals that correspond to your desires can also support the direction of these events into your life.

Citrine if your wish is relevant to material abundance, rose quartz if you are trying to invite an intimate relationship with a person, green jade if you are trying to heal from a traumatic event — these are just some of the crystals that you can add to your manifestation board.

Natural Materials

Just like crystals, natural materials have very potent properties, powerful enough to support spells and manifestation boards. Objects under natural materials include: 

  • Dried Flowers
  • Herbs 
  • Bark 
  • Wood chips

Remember that there must be intention for these natural materials. Anyhow, your manifestation board will look lively with these materials. Just by the sight of it, you will be reminded how real your affirmations are. 

Manifestation Board with Magick

Colored Markers 

Colored markers can be used to decorate your board with intention. In witchcraft, colors have different meanings that can be helpful in several divination practices.

The use of colors is evident in candle magick, crystal magick and many more. Know how to utilize these markers by reading the list of colors and their correspondences below:

  • Red – Love, Passion, Intimacy
  • Orange – Creativity, joy, career success
  • Yellow – Abundance, prosperity 
  • Green – Good health, healing
  • Blue – Stability, peace, inspiration
  • Purple – independence, magic, enlightenment 

Dive in to the Project

Now you’re all set for your manifestation board, go ahead and dive in! Use your creativity, hold a session with your witchy circle or use ample time inside the home to start your board. If you’re anxious about how to start your board, you can use the four cardinal directions to guide on the placement of your pictures, cards, and etc. 

North represents the element of the earth, east represents air, south represents fire and west represents water. Relationships, love wishes go to the west part of the board. Wishes for healing can be placed on there as well. Career success and material abundance go to the north side of the board. And so on. 

Enjoy crafting! 

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