How to Make Spells More Powerful

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Make Spells More Powerful

Spells play a major role in the practice of witchcraft. It allows us, witches, to manifest and bring our desires to existence. You may see spells everywhere — from old books, passed traditions and online resources.

Words have power on its own but without checking on yourself, your mind, your ego, your biases, and your current state, a spell loses its power or decreases its effectiveness. 

Cleansing Yourself

The first rule of thumb is to cleanse yourself and the tools that you will be using. Make use of energy dense crystals, incense smoke, crystal bowls or simply visualize a disk of light floating on top of your head, down to the base of your spine.

Let this absorb all negative energies in your body, including the biases that might be blocking your ability to manifest. A meditation before the ritual or spellwork also works well in cleansing your mind and your sacred space.

Looking from Another Perspective

If you feel blocked and “off”, there’s a great chance that you may not be able to perform a spell work quite effectively.

While giving yourself a reading may be helpful, asking the favor of a trusted friend to give you a reading may allow you to have a better grasp on your current situation. In this way, you are also assured of your capacity and limitations. 

Knowing Your Purpose for the Spell 

Connecting with your Target 

A spell target can be a person or a specific desire. Regardless of your target, keep as much access to things that symbolize the person or your desire. If your target is a person, list down his or her name, birth date, and, if possible, keep his or her picture by your side during the duration of the ritual.

If it is a specific desire, make a vision board by collecting pictures and drawings that represent your desire. This may also be a sigil that you wish to work with. 

Offering to Your Guides

Once in a while, give your spirit guides offerings as a form of thanksgiving. Like anybody you know, this gesture can encourage them to bless and guide you even more. A few examples of good offerings are incense, coins and wine. 


There’s no better way to strengthen the impact of a spell by bringing in focus into the practice. To bring focus into any spell, make use of a candlelight or incense smoke as a focal point. While thinking of your intention or chanting your spell, focus on the candlelight. When you finish your ritual, put it off and go about your day. 

Knowing Your Purpose for the Spell 

If you don’t recognize the purpose of your spell, you do not know your target at all. Knowing your purpose and motivation of your spell also brings the truth to light — enabling you to see what should really be your target for the spell. 

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