How to Make Your Home a Place for Magic

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Make Your Home a Place for Magic

Building a magical home is actually not that different from keeping a clean home. Although it seems so easy to do, many of us do not have the strength or energy to maintain the home at a consistent pace.

Dirty laundry may still be sitting somewhere on the floor after a week, untouched stacks of receipts and paperwork may still be on the countertop or the tables may have become dusty after months of abandonment. 

The home is where you sleep, eat and stay. Even more, the home is where you mainly practice your craft. Needless to say, it is essential to keep the surrounding energy clear from potential blockages to open the home for magic. 

Finding your Purpose

Scrubbing, sweeping, dusting or doing laundry may not be your “thing”. But with the right purpose, you will be able to make time for these common household tasks. 

Now, you don’t have to do a year’s worth of work in one day. If it is quite impossible to deep clean a room in a day, what more a house? The first step in building a magical home is by starting “within”. 

Just like the wisdom, “You cannot love others if you do not love yourself”, working within firsthand is the best piece of advice when it comes to maintaining a magical home. In other words, it is essential to start in an area of the home where you are mostly connected to. This can be your bedroom or your meditation space. Start working your way inside, then outside. 

Discard Useless Items

If you’re not going to use it in 3 months time, or 1-2 years time — get rid of it. Unless it’s an essential item dedicated to emergencies and/or occasional travel, it’s time to give it a new home where it can be optimized and appreciated. Throwing out old useless receipts, papers, and expired bottles of lotion is also included. 

Why? Items hold energy and energy takes up space. When your space is filled with items you never use, it is likely that your aura will be blocked, disabling you from successfully manifesting desires into your life. Give your space some room for the things you really want in life — spiritually and materially.

Sweep the Floor 

Sweeping the floor with a broom is one of the oldest witchcraft practices for cleansing the home. Back in the days, witches used a different broom for cleaning physically and energetically. Sweeping was even something they had to do twice. 

Fortunately, you can do the same with a regular broom or vacuum. Focus on the intention while you are sweeping the floor to rid your home of negative energies. With this practice, you may choose to sweep only once.

Finding your Purpose

Open the Windows

Windows and doors are important parts of your home both physically and energetically. Aside from maintaining ventilation and air circulation, doors and windows serve as an outlet for stagnant energy circulating in the home. 

When sweeping the floor or cleaning the house, it is best to keep doors or windows open. Light an incense to cleanse and charge your space while they are kept open. For protecting the house from unwanted energies that may enter while the windows are open, light a black candle or place a sigil outside your door.

Protect the Bedroom 

The bedroom is the most sacred space in your home aside from your altar. It is where you sleep, where you dress and make love. Basically, it is the place where you become vulnerable. 

Maintain the bedroom regularly and as often as you can. Offer five minutes each day to clear out trash and straighten everything out. Add protective herbs, spell sachets around the room or keep a protective crystal on your bedside table to avoid bad dreams that drain you of energy upon waking up. If you sleep with a lover, anoint the room with love spells of your choice. 

Finish off by Baking some Bread

After spending a few minutes of cleansing the home, charge your space with positive energies by lighting an incense. If you have a bit more time on your hands, go bake some bread! 

The aroma of freshly baked bread automatically charges your space with positive energy the same way incense does. Baking bread also invites abundance and prosperity to enter your home.

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