How to Protect Your Energy

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Protect Your Energy

Your energy is sacred and the most vulnerable part of your being. It is your core, your prana and your life source. But did you know that your energy is being influenced, warped, and tossed around every single day? 

As energetic human beings, we are guided not just by our motivation to survive but also by the voices that our energy has been exposed. That means that every decision we make can likely be influenced by others which can either lead to positive or negative consequences. 

Being Energetically Conscious

The first step to protecting your energy is by being consciously aware of the situation, and leaning away from any biases and egoic thoughts that may be clouding your energy. More often than not, being energetically conscious shifts your intention from “protecting” to “leading”.

When you become conscious, your spiritual energy becomes the vibe that leads the situation rather than the other way around. This also applies to being with people who don’t necessarily “vibe with”. This consciousness allows you to “send back” the energy to the person it came from. 

Sending Back The Energy to a Person

Often, we do not have control over the people we come in contact with. A commute to work might be experienced with people who are stressed, emotionally drained, angry, envious, depressed — all the types of energy you do not want to come in contact with yours.

Sending back the energy that you might have picked up from others is a great and positive way to let your energy “lead” the vibe of the crowd. The first step to sending energy back to its owner is by recognizing how much of your energy is “yours”.

Is it a hundred percent? Seventy? Sixty? Fifty? If you find yourself irritable, angry or off for no particular reason, this could be a sign that your aura is being hijacked by someone else in the room. Once you recognize what is not yours, send it back to the owner with love, compassion and kindness. 

“I send back this energy whoever this belongs, blessed and transformed.” 

Allow this thought to circulate in your body, filling it up with light, kindness, love, joy and energy. 

Visualization Practice

Visualization Practice

A great practice to include in your daily morning meditation is by visually building a bubble around your body, just outside your aura. To do this, first cleanse and ground yourself by smudging sage, lighting up an incense or holding a black-coloured crystal.

Of course, you can do it your way and tweak this step with the materials you prefer better. Then, as you finish checking on yourself, and your vibe for the day, imagine a large bubble building up from your toe to your head. When you finish, go on with your day as normal.

If you protect your energy, you become a great leader. You become aware, unbiased, observant, creative and consciously expressive of your thoughts and opinions. Always remember that. Have an amazing day! 

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