How To Use a Crystal Ball: Step by Step Guide

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: April 2, 2023
How To Use a Crystal Ball

The crystal ball makes its appearance in countless movies, television shows, books, and even paintings about psychic mediums and fortune telling. You may have even seen one on a statue inside a quarter fortune telling machine at a theme park. The crystal ball, however, is far more than a prop. It has a rich history and must be used correctly in order to receive guidance.

Learning to use a crystal ball can be an exciting process for many, but also one that is fraught with confusion. You’ve probably never taken a class in school on how to use one, but there are tips and tricks nonetheless that are important to know!

Whether you are expanding on your craft as a psychic medium or wishing to delve deeper into learning about the craft as a whole, learning a bit about the crystal ball is a great way to start. Here, we will discuss the composition and function of the mystic crystal ball, as well as how you can learn to gaze into the crystal ball and use it to interpret messages about the future.

The Functions of a Crystal Ball


The first thing to know about your crystal ball is what exactly it is capable of. It isn’t just for gazing into and telling the future, it can also serve as a conduit to boost a specific type of energy in the area. These energies that you boost can be anything from reconciliation to romance. Its spherical shape allows it to throw this energy in every direction, which is part of what makes it so powerful.

The function of the crystal ball can be improved based on the material. Certain materials are better for scrying, which means gazing into the ball for psychic purposes. Some are better for boosting different types of energies.

  • Rose Quartz is great for romance
  • Rhodonite works for reconciliation
  • Moonstone/Red Silicone helps with passion
  • Hermitage increases relationship energy
  • Sunstone exudes sexuality

With a crystal ball, you can also mediate seances as well as other spiritual meetings or sessions. The possibilities of what you can do with the crystal ball are truly endless, but material is an important factor to consider.

This means that it is important to reflect on what you would like the function of your crystal ball to be prior to purchasing it. Reflect, research, and then go through with the purchase of your first ever crystal ball.

How To Care For Your Crystal Ball

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One of the most complicated factors to consider when purchasing a crystal ball is how to take care of it. Especially as the ball exerts energy in every direction due to its spherical form, it may be overwhelming to consider how you could possibly store and control this power.

There are many ways to charge your crystal ball before a session, some of which include burying it, leaving it in moonlight, or cleansing it in holy water or incense smoke. These methods of charging the ball allow it to absorb the energy of the earth, the cosmos, and the incense and holy water respectively.

Charging your crystal ball before a reading is essential. It cleanses it of past sessions and ensures that the energy is pure and not depleted. Storing it is also important for this very reason, which is why storing it out of view in a dark box where it can rest is essential.

Preparing for a Crystal Ball Reading

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The prep work isn’t just in terms of the crystal ball. You must cleanse your crystal ball, as well as the environment and your state of mind. Cleanse your mind in the way you would your crystal ball. Only for your mind, the best method is meditation or relaxing activities that help you to achieve a level head.

If you go into a reading with wild emotions or other thoughts distracting you, it will most likely lead to a poor reading. Crystal ball scrying is difficult already, you don’t want to make it harder on yourself by being distracted and unfocused.

The environment is also important to factor into the equation. Keeping the lighting dim so that not too much light reflects off the crystal ball and keeping the noise out or to a minimum is essential. Make sure phones are silenced or off, and distractions are left outside of the room.

Once you, the room, and the ball have been cleansed and properly taken care of, you are ready to begin your crystal ball scrying.

How To Use A Crystal Ball

No matter how it looks in the movies, crystal ball scrying is certainly more than just waving your hands above the crystal ball and declaring someone’s future. The process takes years of practice to be able to conduct an insightful reading.

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One of the biggest things to focus on during a reading is the energy of the crystal ball. This divination tool is designed to be spherical so that it can truly shoot energy from all sides. This means that channeling and responding to that energy is essential in accepting what the crystal ball has to offer you as a medium.

Step 1: Charging Ball

Holding the ball before a reading is a great way to bond your energy with that of the crystal ball. As you’ve cleansed it just before the session, it now holds the cosmic or natural energy you charged it with, as well as your energy.

Step 2: Set Ball onto Flat Surface In Front of You

Start by setting it down onto whatever you have set on the table for you. This could be a stand or a cloth, or simply the table. A stand may work best so that the ball does not roll around or fall.

Step 3: Looking Into The Ball

Remember earlier when you meditated and cleared your mind? Well, this isn’t solely a part of the preparation process. Meditation is a key component of being able to tap into the energy the crystal ball is giving off.

Clearing your mind of distractions allows you to focus on any messages the crystal ball may be showing you. Begin by staring into the crystal ball and attempting to focus on just the ball, ridding your mind of other distractions.

Step 4: Mist Begins To Form

When your concentration and focus has reached a significant degree, you will see a mist beginning to form. A mistake many beginners make is that when they finally begin to see the mist, they panic or become excited and lose focus.

Step 5: Images Begin To Reveal Themselves

Rather than allowing the sight of the mist to cause you to panic, instead be prepared for it and continue to focus. After a moment of uninterrupted focus, images and messages will begin to reveal themselves to you in the mist.

It is hard to describe what these messages might be, as it is different for everybody. Most likely, it will come in the form of colors, shapes, words, and symbols. You may also feel the energy of the message in your body.

Interpreting Symbols and Messages

predicting the future

Interpreting these messages may not always be straightforward. You won’t always have an entire scenario play out before you. Most often, you will have to determine what several seemingly nonsensical symbols tell you about the future.

Practice making sense of these images by reflecting on the energies of the message. How do these symbols make you feel? What do they make you think of? Take the filter off your analytical perceptive skills and simply take in all information and attempt to see how it might fit together.

Think of these questions as you are attempting to interpret the symbols:

  • How do these symbols make me feel?
  • Are these symbols related to each other?
  • What energy do these symbols give off?

As you process these questions and the answers to them, attempt to string together possible stories or scenarios that these symbols could be referring to. If you remain focused, more and more clarity will come to you over time. In the initial attempts at scrying though, you may have a very random-seeming assortment of messages that can be hard to make sense of.

Be Patient With Yourself

The journey to being able to properly function as a medium utilizing a crystal ball is a long one, but one that is also filled with discovery and excitement. It can be easy to become frustrated with how difficult it is to keep focus and receive psychic messages from the crystal ball, which is why it is important to recognize that this ability grows with time.

Don’t give up immediately just because you are having trouble seeing anything in the ball. Just keep focusing and gazing, be thorough in your prep work, and over time, you will eventually discover that your abilities have grown and you are able to see more as you gaze into the crystal ball.

We all grow at different rates. We all learn at different paces. Being hard on yourself can only slow you down on your journey to becoming a psychic medium. Be accepting of yourself and be patient in order to move forward and continue to learn about how to use a crystal ball.

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