Lavender for Litha

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Updated: February 12, 2023
Lavender for Litha

Lavender is a genuinely esteemed perennial herb with a distinct type of energy, sprinkling parts of this herb adds an extraordinary calming and loving effect to every magical work. The multiple purple flowers on long narrow stems of Lavender invigorate dream recall, psychic ability, and divination. 

Ruled by planet Mercury and associated with the Pieces and Virgo signs, its feminine energy carries a peaceful and relaxing element into it. Associated with the crown chakra, Lavender’s fundamental energy is linked to a higher spiritual connectivity. 

Regarded as a flower of forbidden love, its hypnotizing scent often attracts men. This originated from the story of Hades who got attracted to the smell of Lavenders that Persephone was picking in the meadow. Its unforgettable smell made him fall deeply in love with her. 

A member of the mint family, Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region and Northern and Eastern Africa. Traditionally, Lavender was used by the Roman soldiers in their bathwater and washing their clothes. With its linkage to clothes-washing, washerwomen during medieval times were referred to as lavenders.

In Spain, it is usually strewn on churches’ floor or thrown into bonfires to ward off the evil spirits on St. John’s Day. In modern times, Lavender is used as an antiseptic and essential oils or salves to treat burns and other skin diseases. 

The scent of Lavender is relaxing and uplifting with a great aromatherapy for stressed out or depressed individuals. It is also useful in spells to sharpen the mind, to encourage pure love, fertility, and vitality.

Celebrating Litha with Lavender

One of the prominent herbs associated with Midsummer is the regal-looking Lavender. This herb has been used for centuries to encourage prophetic dreams. Placing some Lavender in a small drawstring bag or sachet and adding a bit of chamomile is efficient for good sleep. 

During the celebration of Litha, it is a remarkable tradition to throw a handful of Lavender flowers into the Midsummer bonfire. This custom is performed to honor the Gods and Goddesses of summertime especially the Goddesses of love and to attract peace in the year to come. Burning Lavender incense attract faeries and purifies your ritual circle.

Usually regarded as a summer-blooming flower, some Lavender plants are early bloomers with their radiant flowers appearing early in spring. As one of the flowers to blossom in the earlier signs of spring, Lavender symbolizes growth, rebirth, and maturity.

Lavender is used magickally for protection, healing, and sleep. Hanging dried Lavender above your front door attracts good luck. While decorating your altar with Lavender will add a strong energy to your home and its lovely aroma will bring a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Lavender and Witchcraft

Lavender and Witchcraft

From a magickal standpoint, Lavender has been an esteemed herb with varying uses that helps in enhancing your everyday life.

Wearing Lavender perfumes or putting sachets to your clothing drawers will lure love to you. Try adding some products made from Lavender on your beauty routine to attract and let love stay by your side. To protect the home, hanging sachets and bunches of dried Lavender at each four corners of your home would be an effective way to banish negativity.

Stuff your pillow with Lavender buds to experience its aromatic nature, sending you to a relaxing, nightmare-free sleep. Making a lavender tea also eases the mind from every worry and stress.

Purification is one of the most popular magickal uses of Lavender. To cleanse your nest, sprinkle blessed water around your house using fresh Lavender sprigs. Using Lavender in purifying your crystals or adding some essential oils to your bath will help remove impurities and unwanted energies around you. 

A flower of comforting and tranquil energy, Lavender offers elegance to your sacred space. With a ray of royalty and timelessness within it, Lavender presents an astounding room for growth, happiness, and harmony in your life. 

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