The Magical Properties of Angelica in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Angelica in Witchcraft

A member of the parsley family, Angelica Root bears large lustrous green leaves with blooming stalks and ridged stems. This herb favors rich, moist soil with partial shade and thrives best in Northern regions where there is a long cold period, and summer is not too humid. 

The herb’s name was derived from its capacity to be in full bloom around the feast of the Archangel Michael who revealed the ability of the herb to cure the plague in medieval Europe through appearing in a monk’s dream.

Believed to have originated in Syria, Angelica Root has now become a prominent herb in magick or rootwork for repelling illnesses, cure poisoning, and attracting abundance upon the home. This herb serves as general protection against evil spirits, hex-breaking, and a shield to women and their children.  

It is usually added to amulets for longevity and as a talisman in maintaining luck in gambling. Making an incense out of its leaves enhances clairvoyance, and exorcisms, and eliminates curses placed on a person. Using it in baths or sprinkling it around the house fosters overall protection or shielding against menacing spells. 

Angelica Root is an efficient garden plant that protects the home and the garden itself. Its pleasant aroma is best for making tea and is also in dried form or as an essential oil. The glossy leaves of this herb are particularly beneficial to potions for banishing curses and healing the mind and body by bestowing peaceful and harmonious living.

Angelica Correspondences

  • Planets: Sun, Venus
  • Sign: Cancer
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Element: Fire
  • Deities: Hecate, Hestia, Vesta

Magical Uses of Angelica

  • Protection: Angelica can be used as a strong protective ingredient to prevent harmful spirits from penetrating your home or workplace. 
  • Healing: Angelica Root can be used in curing emotional stress and anxiety as well as physical pain. 
  • Cleansing: In the workplace or at home, Angelica Root can be used to cleanse unwanted energies in the surroundings.
  • Harmony: Angelica Root can be used to magnet blessings for the home and self-control that leads you and your family to a harmonious life. 
  • Courage: When new career opportunities arise, Angelica Root can be used to strengthen your will power and determination in taking risks. 
  • Treats Menstrual Disorders: Angelica Root is often thought to stimulate circulation, relieving and relaxing menstrual cramps when used in a tea or incorporated in a bath.
  • Reduces Anxiety: It is believed that Angelica Root, when used in a tea and making incense, reduces anxiety, and releases stressful sensations that may trigger other diseases. 
  • Anti-Asthmatic: Angelica is often thought to heal airway inflammation through its soothing anti-infectious properties and is also a mild expectorant when brewed into a tea.  
  • Relieve Headaches: Herbalists believe that when used as a decoction, Angelica roots or seeds help in easing headaches or migraines. 
  • Antiviral: It is believed that Angelica Roots has antiviral components that help in curing Herpes and other viral infections. 
  • Gastrointestinal Disorder: Angelica Root is thought to treat gastrointestinal ailments whenever used as a stomach tea. 
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Witchcraft & Angelica

Witchcraft & Angelica


Modern Witches are always on guard in shielding themselves against harmful influences, but with the bustling daily grind, harmful spirits are inevitable. Placing pieces of Angelica Root in your pocket or beside your bed dispels baneful spirits and spells from consuming positive energies from your home and body.


Healing comes in various ways and for modern witches, emotional as well as spiritual healing is as vital as physical healing.

Use Angelica Root on your rituals and meditation to deepen your connection to the psychic guides and let them sprinkle you with the emotional and spiritual healing that you need as it also banishes negativity and attracts positive energy to your mind and body.


The usual disturbances of daily routine can draw negative forces inside the mind and body, leaving any witch drained from good energy. Smoking in the workplace and specific areas inside your home where you often spend your time will keep away unwanted spirits that can pollute your sense, cleansing your mind and emotions.


For witches, a harmonious place to stay is a key to letting their minds relax and revitalize. Adding dried roots to incense and baths break the baneful power of jinxes and curses.

You can brew it into a tea and spatter area of your home and another efficient way is to place the root in a bag and hang it over the front door to keep evil spirits away and purify your home and relationships.


Constant emotional strength is needed to advance your career and lifestyle, Angelica Root provides courage and boosts your go-getter personality to strengthen your Seat of Will. Carry a piece of Angelica Root when you go outside or place it inside a yellow mojo bag to shoo-away self-doubts and uncertainties that may ruin your chances of success.

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