The Magical Properties of Birch Bark in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Birch Bark in Witchcraft

Birch is a tree of exceptional strength and beauty. It is a medium-sized tree with straight grains and usually grows in stands. This tree is called the White lady of the Woods for its slender, delicate, and hardy appearance. 

The tree is notably significant in Native American, European, and Celtic folklore, it is associated with the Norse rune Berkana and Beith, the first letter of the Ogham alphabet. It is commonly recognized through its white papery bark with gray or brown marks. 

Birch is ordinarily included in a Witch’s herb collection because of its natural diuretic ability and usually consumed as a tea to help in cleansing the urinary system. Traditionally, it is used for the Witch’s besom, Maypoles, Yule logs, and Beltane fires. 

Deep within its fragile exterior, Birch Bark is a robust and resilient tree. It is considered a pioneer species, as it grows its fresh green leaves in the early beginnings of the spring season. It thrives in rough, acidic soil of Northern lands that were commonly filled with glaciers. 

For native North Americans and Siberians, Birch sap is an authentic food source during the winter season. The fresh, wintergreen fragrance of Birch extract was a renowned flavoring for beverages and chewing gums.

Strips of dried bark and essential oils that are usually steam-distilled from a pulverized bark, are significant for spellcraft. Birch Bark grants courage, protection and has provided shelter and guidance since ancient times to keep hallucinogenic wanderers safe from menace and trickery.

Birch Bark Correspondences

  • Planets: Venus, Moon
  • Signs: Taurus, Libra
  • Energy: Feminine
  • Elements: Air, Water
  • Deities: Freya, Idunna, Frigg

Magical Uses of Birch Bark

  • New Beginnings: For a propitious start to new ventures, Birch Bark can be used by burning its dried bark to invite the Birch spirit to grant guidance in new beginnings.
  • Exorcism: Birch twigs can be used as an incense to drive out evil spirits from a person, animal, or place.
  • Cleansing: Whenever you need purifying in the emotional and physical aspects, Birch Bark can be used as a cleansing tea.
  • Fertility: Birch twigs can be used in spells to boost fertility in women and animals or to bear a healthy child.
  • Psychic Protection: Birch Bark can be used through protection spells and rituals to ward off the evil eye.
  • Antibacterial: It is believed that the chemical composition of Birch Bark has antimicrobial potential. Several extracts of the herb’s residues have natural antimicrobial activity. 
  • Skin Diseases Treatment: Birch Bark extract is thought to be an excellent physical exfoliant and heals skin eruptions or disorders when included in your bath.  
  • Kidney Malfunction: Herbalists believe that the dried leaves of Birch Trees can ease kidney malfunction as well as severe heart diseases.
  • Relieves Joint Swelling: It is believed that Birch Bark is a natural pain reliever containing salicylate that relieves the inflammation and discomfort associated with joint and muscle pain.
  • Detoxification: Birch leaves are thought to have a natural cleansing diuretic action and rich ethereal oils that purify the body and activate the metabolism to eliminate harmful toxins and excess fluid from our system.
Witchcraft & Birch Bark

Witchcraft & Birch Bark


Unfamiliar and complex hurdles to get past to may surface when a Witch enters a new phase in her life. Brush out the old year on the morning after Winter Solstice using a Birch Broom to welcome new beginnings.

To bring an abundance of positive energy to new ventures, call upon the powers of Birch spirits by incorporating the herb in your rituals and meditation practice for an auspicious start to new life chapters.


Birch Bark is an efficient herb to help expel trickery from malicious magics during encounters with the evil eye and unseen forces from different worlds. Perform expulsion of harmful spirits by using birch rods or twigs and gently striking them on the body of possessed people and animals.


For witches who yearn deep purification in mind, body, and spirit, Birch Bark is an excellent herb that cleanses impurities that bring daily disturbances. Drinking Birch Tea helps the body release negative and harmful energy.

In cleansing the home, use a Birch Broom to sweep away unwanted forces that entered your living space. Burn dried leaves and roots of this remarkable herb to eliminate filthy and menacing spirits.


This herb is a symbol of fertility and love for the unborn child and also for the partner. It brings protection both to the mother and the unborn. Wearing a Birch Bark charm or carrying them in small pouches will attract the forces of goddesses to help you in conception. Giving wreaths made of the twigs and branches as tokens of love to your partner will strengthen your love for each other.


With daily commutes to work and the occurrence of natural conflicts, it is inevitable for a modern witch to catch negative energies along the way. Tie a red ribbon around the stem of a Birch or put dried leaves under your pillow, and add a cut bark to protection drinks if you are under psychic attacks.

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