The Magical Properties of Calendula in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Calendula in Witchcraft

Calendula Flowers hold positive and cheerful energy within. Like a light at the end of a long narrow tunnel, Calendula brings a positive approach and attitude in facing life troubles and always encourages people to look at the bigger picture as well as the brighter side of things. 

Calendula’s orange shade mirrors the electrifying energy of the sun. Its radiant appearance attracts many people to take a pause and look at its attractive beauty.

Its other name, Marigold, is believed by many to be derived from “Mary’s Gold”, signifying its connection to the spiritual world. Calendula Flowers were used to adorn churches during the middle ages. 

Calendulas were utilized by Greeks to decorate houses during various celebrations because of its festive color. Calendula’s glowing and sunny charm uplifts and gives a boosting effect on one’s mood.

A legend tells that once, a Greek maiden fell in love with Apollo. The God of Light reciprocated her affection by giving her love so strong that it caused her death and Calendulas sprouted on the place where the maiden died.

Witches adore the magic of Calendula Flowers and are typically utilized in many beauty regimens to maintain healthy-looking skin. Calendula also presents healing in physical, emotional, and spiritual planes of one’s life.

Gentle but searing, soft but powerful, Calendula never fails to channel a potent strength that discharges conflicting and negative thoughts. Calendula Flowers present transforming energy that transmits optimism, passion, unbeatable bravery, and comfort to the heart. 

Calendula Flowers Correspondences

  • Planet: Sun
  • Sign: Leo
  • Element: Fire
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Deities: Helios, Zeus, Apollo

Magical Uses of Calendula Flowers

  • Cleansing: Calendula can be used as an incense and infusion to cleanse or consecrate your magick tools and your mind from negative thoughts.
  • Banishing: To banish evil spirits and prevent them from entering your circle, hang wreaths of Calendula over the front door. 
  • Love: For any witch who wants to maintain a happy and prosperous romantic relationship, Calendula Flowers can be used in love spells or potions to maintain fidelity.
  • Prophetic Dreams: If you want to have meaningful dreams and interpret their meanings perfectly, Calendula can be used in dream pillows. 
  • Luck: To win in games or lottery and maintain luck in business-related ventures, Calendula Flowers can be used as lucky charms. 
  • Heals Burns and Cuts: Calendula is believed to be a natural herbal remedy that spurs tissue growth and speeds up the duration of wound healing.
  • Treats Acne: Herbalists believe that Calendula extract may be useful in treating and preventing acne.
  • Cures Ear Infection: Calendula earache oil is thought to be effective in curing general ear infection and reduces ear wax buildup. 
  • Effective for Diaper Rash: It is believed that Calendula has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory compounds that help alleviate discomfort caused by diaper rash.
  • Hydrates Dry Scalps: Herbalists believe that Calendula moisturizes dry scalps and protects hair and scalp against cell-damaging free radicals. 
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Witchcraft & Calendula Flowers

Witchcraft & Calendula Flowers


The cleansing ability of Calendula Flowers can be used both in physical and metaphysical purposes. A witch can drink a tea or tincture of Calendula to clear toxins and cleanse their body from any viruses or bacteria. For cleansing of the mind and soul, burn dried Calendula Flowers for a cleansing incense or wash your crystals and tools with mixed water and Calendula essential oils.


Calendula Flowers have a strong banishing effect when placed in areas of your home or workplace. Hang garlands of Calendula Flowers on your front door to banish evil spirits from entering your home.

Sprinkle Calendula Flowers on the doorstep of your business place to banish unlucky energy. For banishing bad dreams, scatter petals of Calendula under your bed to dispel evil spirits that may enter your dreams.


To bring new love in their life or maintain a prosperous romantic relationship is a desire that every witch would love to achieve. Make Calendula love potions or add it in your bath water to increase admirers.

Use it for the traditional “he loves me, he loves me not” way to know if the person you love feels the same way towards you. As a symbol of fidelity and constancy in your marriage, make Calendula wedding bouquets and include it in your wedding decorations.


Discover powerful messages from your prophetic dreams with the help of Calendula Flowers. Include Calendula petals in dream pillows to encourage more vivid prophetic dreams. Place a Calendula Flower or sprinkle its petals under your mattress or pillows to let it guide you in interpreting your prophetic dreams accurately and use its messages in the right way.


Calendula Flowers work best in bringing good luck in money matters, especially in games of chance. Fill a green flannel bag with Calendula Flowers and place it beneath your pillow when going to sleep to breathe the fragrance of Calendula and dream of winning numbers and winning names.

Carry a sachet of Calendula in your pocket to win in gambling games and get favorable results when going to court.

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