The Magical Properties of Dandelion in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Dandelion in Witchcraft

Dandelions are common weeds all over the world with varieties native to Asia, Europe, and North America. The name Dandelion comes from the French ‘dent de lion’ which means “tooth of the lion” symbolizing the courageous spirit this herb transmits despite its gentle and fragile exterior. 

Originating from Asia, Dandelions have spread throughout the world before written history. Dandelions hold an essential part in food and health when Puritans set out from Europe for the New World. Puritans brought with them Dandelions from their garden to surmount diseases and famine. 

During outdoor rituals in springtime, it is customary for some witches to gather Dandelions and other wildflowers as an offering to the woodland spirits. A charming tradition in many regions of America uses Dandelions for wishing spells. Children love to blow on feathery tops of Dandelions while making a wish.

Yellow Dandelions are made into small bouquets to brighten up every springtime altar, particularly throughout Beltane festivities. Its lively color brings a cheerful energy to every place that contains it, which makes this herb a popular decorative piece. Dandelions are arranged around the base of an altar, put in a vase on center tables, or the front door to attract a playful attitude and happiness into your circle. 

Dandelions are easy to find and grow- a quality that makes it an endearing herb for many witches. With a delicate appearance and a firm root, Dandelions are reminders to live life with tenderness, without turning your back from your essential strengths.

Dandelion Correspondences

  • Planet: Jupiter, Mercury
  • Sign: Pisces, Sagittarius
  • Element: Air
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Deities: Hecate, Belenos, Brigid

Magical Uses of Dandelion

  • Wish-Granting: Dandelion can be used in spells, sachets, and wish-granting mojo bags to make a witch’s wish come true.
  • Luck: If you want to increase your luck, Dandelion can be used as lucky charms to draw luck and success in your life. 
  • Courage: When you feel the need to be more courageous and assertive, Dandelion can be used in mojo bags and rituals. 
  • Divination: Witches can drink Dandelion coffee or tea to help them intensify the success of every divination practice. 
  • Protection: Dandelion can be used in protection spells and sachets to defend a person against nightmares and negative energies.
  • Mild Appetite Stimulant: The bitter constituents Dandelions contain are believed to increase bile flow and act as a mild appetite stimulant.
  • Improves Digestion: Dandelion root is thought to be a traditional gentle digestive bitter that aids digestion issues and improves the digestive system.
  • Boosts Immune System: Herbalists believe that Dandelions have antiviral and antimicrobial properties that support the body’s ability to combat infection and support a strong immune system. 
  • Provides Antioxidants: Dandelion contains an antioxidant called beta-carotene that is responsible for protecting and reducing cell damage. 
  • Promotes Skin Health: Herbalists believe that Dandelion extracts provide skin protection against sunlight, acne, and aging while improving one’s overall skin health.
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Witchcraft & Dandelion

Witchcraft & Dandelion


Dandelion works as a wish-granting tool that helps you in making your wishes come true. Create a wish-granting mojo bag by writing your mysterious desire on paper and crossing it with your name is written three times. Fold the paper around a whole Dandelion root, dress it with Holy Oil, and put it inside a red flannel bag with three Mojo Beans and seven Job’s Tears to aid in fulfilling your wishes.


Luck in career, love, business, and life as a whole is not impossible to achieve for every witch when they have Dandelion by their side. Bury Dandelion flowers at the North-West of the house to bring luck and other favorable results in any investments. Wear the lucky charms of Dandelion or sew its lovely flowers into a small red flannel bag for a stroke of exceptional luck, particularly in love.


The courage brought by Dandelion is embedded from the meaning of its name which is “tooth of the lion”. Use Dandelion in mojo bags to have lion-like courage and bravery in fighting against life’s adversities. Chop dried Dandelion root and brew it into a tea, drink it in the morning, or before you sleep to let Dandelion’s confidence and valor seep into your bones.


Finding out what your future would look like is a fun and mystery-filled adventure to embark on. Increase your psychic ability and experience an intensifying connection with the divine by drinking a tea of Dandelion leaves and flowers before reading tarot or doing other divination practices. Burn Dandelion leaves and roots to call spirits and acquire keen insight and clarity in reading and seeing your future self.


You are most vulnerable when you are asleep so you need more protection as your mind and body find serenity and comfort. Make sachets or dream pillows using roots, leaves, and flowers of Dandelion for sleep and dream protection. Dispel dark thoughts and unwanted spiritual energy by bringing with you a bouquet of Dandelion wherever you go.

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