The Magical Properties of Elder Berries in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Elder Berries in Witchcraft

Elder Berries are symbols of strength and protection but with softness and light within. It has a prominent association with wisdom and the Otherworld. Elder Berries are sacred flavoring for cordials and wine since ancient times. Chinese medicine also use Elder Berries as a medicinal wine that is a common remedy for several traumatic injuries. 

Elder Berries are deeply linked with Celtic faerie lands as well as otherworldly realms of diverse European traditions. Its natural endowment allows it to match its energies across the divide. For many goddess customs, Elder Berries are mostly utilized to produce woodwind instruments which are said to create the melody faeries and spirits alike adore the most.

The existence of Elder Berries is notable both in reality and the world of fiction. Infusions made from Elder Berries outweigh most of the other infusions when used as a cleansing wash both for the home and the body and mind. 

Elder Berries also cover a remarkable role in folk magic for its use in spells, rituals, and divination. Its ability to bless people and attract a great deal of protection from friendly spirits are some of its most striking magical endowments. Witches believe that several Elder Berries set under a doormat protect people residing inside the house and keep evil spirits away. 

Elder Berries have made its mark in the magical realm, its potential to produce vivid dreams, connect people to the enchanting Faerie realms and protect their souls all hold a place in every witch’s heart. 

Elder Berries Correspondences

  • Planet: Venus
  • Sign: Libra
  • Element: Water
  • Energy: Feminine
  • Deities: Freya, Holda

Magical Uses of Elder Berries

  • Blessing: Elder Berries can be used as an infusion to bless your home, loved ones, and possessions with. 
  • Hex-Breaking: Whenever you feel the weight of hexes and spells that other witches cast on you, Elder Berries essential oils can be used to break these curses and spells. 
  • Purification: Elder Berries can be used as an incense to purify or consecrate your magickal tools and living space.
  • Healing: Elder Berries can be used in salves and supplements to help you heal from any physical and emotional wounds or trauma. 
  • Protection: To protect yourself from sudden psychic attacks and any dangerous path, Elder Berries can be used in charms or sachets. 
  • Treats Acne: Elder Berries are believed to have antiseptic effects that aid in treating acne and pimples. 
  • Promotes Skin Health: Herbalists believe that products containing Elder Berries protect the skin from free-radicals that may damage it and gives a natural boost to the skin. 
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Elder Berries are thought to have natural substances called flavonoids that help reduce swelling and fight inflammation. 
  • Cures Cold and Flu: It is believed that Elder Berries have antiviral qualities that cure and prevent cold and flu. 
  • Improves Immune System: Herbalists believe that Elder Berries are rich with vitamins and antioxidants that boost the immune system. 
Witchcraft & Elder Berries

Witchcraft & Elder Berries


To every witch who wants to fill their home and workplace with blessings from powerful spirits or divinities, Elder Berries is an herb that is filled with the capacity to grant them blessings.

Use Elder Berries to create an infusion or tea, and sprinkle it around your home to bless your place, material things, and the people you live with. Grind Elder Berries into a powder then scatter to the winds as you whisper the name of the person you want to bless.


Elder Berries are herbs that break curses and hexes cast by other witches or unwanted spirits. To dispel these harmful spells and curses, a witch can bathe in an Elder Berry tea mixed with their bathwater or use essential oils or dried leaves to dress their spell candles before their next ritual or divination practice.


Use Elder Berries to cleanse or consecrate your magickal tools as well as your sacred space to recharge and intensify positive energies within it. Burn dried Elder Berry leaves as incense and bathe your altar, crystals, candles, and other magickal tools with its smoke to purify them from negative energies that they may have acquired from past magick practices.


For physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, Elder Berries are an all-rounder herb for providing a cure to different ailments. Witches can use Elder Berry syrup and supplements to keep their immune system at its healthiest state.

Making healing charms and indulging in healing baths with Elder Berries are also some of the most fantastic methods to heal from emotional and mental traumas caused by painful past experiences.


As an herb of high-protective ability, witches can count on Elder Berries to summon protection from spirits. Make Elder Berry wands or besoms and place them beside your altar to guarantee defense.

Wearing a charm or hanging Elder Berry leaves and branches in doorways and windows will protect you from physical attacks. Plant Elder Berries in the back yard or place this herb near the kitchen to protect you from diseases and other negative influences.

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