The Magical Properties of Feverfew in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Feverfew in Witchcraft

A short-lived perennial herb native to Southeastern Europe, Feverfew has tiny ray flowers that look identical to daisies and yellowish-green leaves that offer a bitter fragrance when crushed. 

The reputation of Feverfew as a healing and protective herb, especially when a magickal attack was made, traces back to ancient times. Greeks and Egyptians widely used Feverfew to heal inflammation and as a cure for general aches and pains.

The Europeans, on the other hand, primarily utilized Feverfew by planting them in cottage gardens and other areas of the house to protect the inhabitants from catching illnesses.

For some cultures, Feverfew is typically mixed with Waybroad and Red Nettle to create a traditional remedy or charm to cure elf-shot. Regarded as a female herb, Feverfew is bestowed with an ability to cure most female complaints and was even used as a cure to labor pains during ancient times. 

Witches love to grow Feverfew in their homes. It contributes defense against malicious people and releases a harmonious atmosphere. This plant is also a popular home decoration that adds life to every witch’s home altar through its citrus scent.

Feverfew, an herb brimming with magickal and spiritual endowments, has proven its versatility over the course of time. Its protective and healing nature never fails to leave a trace of mesmerizing emotion to every witch who puts their faith in it.

Feverfew Correspondences

  • Planet: Venus
  • Sign: Taurus
  • Element: Water
  • Energy: Feminine, Masculine
  • Deity: Aphrodite

Magical Uses of Feverfew

  • Protection: To foster protection and intense shielding for you and your home, leaves of Feverfew can be sprinkled on the floor or outside your front door. 
  • Hex-Breaking: Feverfew can be used as a bath tea to break-hexes and prevent other spells from penetrating your mind and spirit.
  • Healing: For witches to keep themselves away from any illness that may put their health at risk, Feverfew can be worn as a charm or drank as a tea.
  • Purification: Planting Feverfew around their house can help witches cleanse or purify negative energies surrounding their sacred space. 
  • Love: Feverfew can be used in spells or worn as an amulet to attract love and protect your heart from heartbreaks.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Herbalists believe that Feverfew has anti-inflammatory compounds that alleviate sores and swelling.
  • Regulates Menstruation: Feverfew is thought to be an herb for women who suffer from irregular menstruation and also relieves menstrual cramps.
  • Relieves Migraine: It is believed that Feverfew relieves pain, vomiting, and nausea caused by migraine attacks and headaches.
  • Cures Dermatitis: Herbalists believe that Feverfew helps in curing dermatitis and releases nutrients that improve the appearance of the skin. 
  • Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis: Feverfew is believed to treat rheumatoid arthritis and is also an excellent herb that soothes joint and muscle pains.
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Witchcraft & Feverfew

Witchcraft & Feverfew


For witches who love to travel and want to experience Feverfew’s high protective ability, put a bag with Feverfew, comfrey root, and a St. Christopher medal in your glove box or rearview mirror.

You can also carry a keychain coated with Feverfew essential oils to ask for guidance in your adventures. To keep yourself protected while staying at home, you can also sprinkle Feverfew on your front door which will banish unwanted influences.


Hexes and curses are all around us and they may cause afflictions to our daily lives. Break these hexes and send them into oblivion by using Feverfew as a bath tea, wear amulets around your neck or carry a sachet in your pocket or purse.

These methods of hex-breaking may be simple, but they will give you heightened defense from hexes that may cause hassle in getting through life challenges.


Feverfew is a great herb used in the purification process as it does not only cleanse the house, mind, and spirit but also the tools witches use to perform magic. Make a decoction of Feverfew and spray it on your magical tools to cleanse them. Place a small pot of Feverfew around the house or use essential oils to purify your appliances and living space.


One of the most prominent magickal properties of Feverfew would be its healing ability. This robust healing energy can radiate in your home and spirit by simply growing this plant in your home garden, this prevents any illness from penetrating you spiritually and physically.

Another way for Feverfew to draw out pain is by binding its flowers to your wrist or you can drink it as a tea in the morning to prevent colds, fevers, and other diseases. 


For every witch who yearns to start a romantic relationship, it is only right to count on Feverfew to achieve the love story you have been wishing to have. Rub Feverfew essential oils on your wrists before going out to attract the love of your life. Wear an amulet if you wish to keep your marriage strong.

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