The Magical Herbs for Money in Witchcraft

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Herbs for Money in Witchcraft

The sacred power of herbs to welcome and attract more money has been recognized throughout many cultures around the world. Tapping into the remarkable magical abilities of these money-drawing herbs can assist you in gaining wealth and abundance. 

Herbs for money are the kind of plants that enhance an individual’s financial status. Of course, dollar bills will not rain upon you out of a miracle but instead by successful investments, getting promotions or a high-paying job, or in a form of unexpected gifts through the assistance of these potent herbs. 

Money-drawing herbs are revered as human’s allies and earthly helpers, the energy they possess is bound to improve one’s finances. These herbs give way to more brilliant, innovative ideas, prosperity, and growth to one’s life. 

Money herbs attract success and manifest money by clearing away negative elements in your space that hinder you from securing extra money, they protect and strengthen your financial status so your wealth stays guarded and continues to expand.

Whether you are seeking guidance in boosting your financial resources or land a higher job position, using these money-drawing herbs is still one of the best ways to get your finances to a higher, more flourishing state.

How to Use Herbs for Money

Integrating money-drawing herbs in your daily life enables you to effectively connect with its power and sacredness. The strength of these herbs is beneficial in solidifying the foundation of your finances. 

The most simple way of blending the energy of an herb with the body is through daily consumption in various forms. Brewing herbal teas and adding money attracting herbs to your recipes or taking them as supplements radiate energy that kickstarts money opportunities.

Grow a money plant in your home garden and keep it thriving to attract abundance in your home or business space. A ceremony to attract wealth in your life can be done with smudge sticks and incenses made from these money herbs. 

Create your very own Prosperity Bag and wear or carry this energy-filled bag to foster wealth and financial success wherever you go. With all the energy stored inside this bag, it is also ideal to display it on your altar or hang on different areas of your home. 

Fortify and protect your abundance and effortlessly attract wealth on a grander scale by combining these magical herbs with the energy of your magickal tools, crystals, meditation practices, and rituals to manifest money and employment.

The Best Herbs for Money

The Best Herbs for Money


Irish Moss was consumed as a famine food in Ireland. It helps in grounding and anchors one’s spirit to the earth. This is an ingredient in traditional Celtic charms for money and protection. It is a remarkable seaweed that entangles and dispels evil entities while breaking their spells and curses.


Patchouli has a strong aphrodisiac properties and a long history of use in perfumery and incenses. Used in rituals to break bad habits and seek protection from spirits that threaten a person’s mental and physical health. Patchouli relieves stress and worries, produces a relaxing sensation to the mind and soul.


The enticing fragrance of Thyme gives energy and courage to survive sorrows and diseases. It’s an herb often used in spells for love, healing, and protection. Thyme also ensures restful sleep by blocking nightmares from entering one’s mind during sleep while wearing Thyme amulets allows the wearer to see fairies.


Cloves magnet riches and luck in business ventures while driving away negative energies. An herb of masculine nature, Cloves bring warmth and comfort to the bereaved. The essential spiritual vibrations that Cloves produce purify one’s life from things and people that may contribute harmful and damaging effects on their career.


Cinnamon acts as a stimulant to the psychic powers while producing protective and money-drawing vibrations. It is capable of intensifying the levels of one’s spiritual vibrations and is used in healing incenses to cure multiple life-threatening illnesses. Cinnamon is also a famous ingredient in food magic for a love spell.


The sunny, energetic nature of Chamomile has been sufficient in battling curses and spells. Its relaxing and comforting abilities are made use in meditations and sleep incenses. Chamomile charms lure money and luck to your side and is also a protective and purificatory herb that cleanses and guards the soul.

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