The Magical Properties of Horehound in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Horehound in Witchcraft

The aromatic and perennial characteristic of Horehound stems from its linkage to the mint family. Horehound has oval-shaped leaves cloaked with white, soft hair and has tiny and delicate white flowers. This herb grows best in coastal zones and pastures of North America and Europe.

Soldier’s tea, as other cultures call it, prefer growing in sunny and dry places. Its capacity to keep thriving even on poor, dry soil, makes it easier for modern witches to grow this plant on their gardens even on hot seasons. 

Its name originated in Egypt and has a strong derivation from the ancient God of light and sky named Horus. This herbaceous plant was valued by the Romans for its medicinal properties.

Horehound is said to be one of the bitter herbs used in the Jewish Passover rites. Many cultures associate Horehound with anti-venom properties that are powerful in healing poisons, rabies, and serpent stings. 

Its rich history shows its valuable contribution as a folk remedy for respiratory maladies and even as a magical herb that shelters people against evil spells. 

Horehound is an exceptional herb for blessing the home and workplace. It intensifies concentration and focus when used in rituals and meditations. Horehound provides mental sharpness while keeping any distraction at the arm’s length and unites the mind and body into a higher spiritual realm and purpose. 

Horehound Correspondences

  • Planet: Mercury
  • Sign: Gemini, Virgo
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Element: Air
  • Deities: Horus, Isis, Osiris

Magical Uses of Horehound

  • Spiritual Healing: When in need of spiritual support and healing, Horehound can be used in rituals and drank as a tea.
  • Protection: Horehound can be used in incenses and carried in mojo bags to guard the home and you on daily commutes. 
  • Creativity: Whenever you find your creativity drive fading, Horehound can be used in spells or lucky charms to reset your mind and improve creative thinking.
  • Mental Powers: To strengthen mental abilities, Horehound can be used in meditations and as a decoction. 
  • Cleansing: Horehound can be used as a decoration on the altar or drank as a tea to purify the mind, the body, and your sacred place. 
  • Heals Abrasions: It is believed that horehound is applied to the skin to heal abrasions, cuts, and skin damage.
  • Alleviates Chest Infections: Horehound is thought to be an expectorant herb that aids in eliminating mucus and loose bronchial secretions. 
  • Typhoid Fever: Horehound is believed to have properties that alleviate scourges such as typhoid fever. 
  • Cures Diabetes: Herbalists believe that drinking Horehound tea before meals lowers the blood sugar levels. 
  • Eases Flatulence: Horehound is thought to treat digestion problems or dyspeptic complaints such as flatulence, bloating as well as repletion.
Witchcraft & Horehound

Witchcraft & Horehound


Horehound has been a healing companion for witches who often embark on spiritual journeys in search of spiritual healing and elevation. Coat your red candle with Horehound aromatic oil and dried leaves to use in every meditation practice.

Preparing a meditation brew would also be an ideal way to utilize its healing properties. You would need to add a teaspoon of dried Horehound leaves to a cup of boiled water. Strain and then sip as you begin your meditation journey towards deeper spiritual wellness.


Like any other herb in a witch’s pantry and garden, Horehound is no stranger to keeping baneful energies at bay. Carry a protective sachet to guard you against sorcery and idle thoughts and wishes.

For the protection of the home, spray it as an infusion around the house’s doors and windows or gather horehound and tie them together with a red ribbon then place it around your living space for a strong protection against the spells and curses.


Every witch can reach a point where their creative ideas become ‘dry’ or ‘bland’. To create, innovate and discover new creative inspirations without getting drained, make an incense using the dried plant and go around your sacred space, this will help you weave your creativity and bring clarity to the aura. Soaking in a bath with horehound essential oils also remove mental blockages and access wisdom.


Horehound is an herb of mental and emotional openness. Drink it as an infusion to promote quick-thinking ability and strengthen mental powers. When faced and cornered in complex undertakings, light five horehound candles and place it on your altar, set an intention to every candle to keep your mental powers boosted, and provide support to your psychic progress.


To strengthen the cleansing or purifying in every witch’s mind and body or even on their sacred living space, a modern witch would need to sprinkle dried horehound leaves across doorways and windows or mix in a bowl with water and ash leaves to release a general cleansing energy.

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