The Magical Properties of Nettle in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Nettle in Witchcraft

Nettle has long been recognized as an herb of Martian energies. With its association with the planet Mars, Nettle activates our senses and fuels our drive to seek greatness and start afresh. 

In some tribal practices, Nettle serves as a guardian through its innate capacity to produce nutrients and stimulate the protection of people and their homes. The prickly stems of Nettles also guard themselves against people who mindlessly pick it by giving mild stings that can last for days.

For Germans, Nettle is deeply linked to Thor, the God of Thunder. Travelers would throw bundles of Nettle into the fire as an offering to Thor for protection against thunderstorms or wild weather.

The association of this herb with the threshold between life and death originated from the Nettle fibers that were found in burial clothes during the Bronze age.   

Witches keep Nettle on their home all year round as a fabulous addition to salad and soup recipes. This is also a famous tea that brings warmth during darker and colder days.

Nettle contains the nurturing nature of a mother. It brings nourishment to the mind and body even at the most basic levels. Nettle magic produces the most crucial building blocks the soul needs to turn our thoughts and deeds into actions that inspire elevation in personal and spiritual aspects. 

Nettle Correspondences

  • Planet: Mars
  • Signs: Aries, Scorpio
  • Element: Fire
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Deities: Apollo, Freya, Thor

Magical Uses of Nettle

  • Reversal Magic: Nettle leaves can be used to throw a spell or curse back to the person who sent it to you. 
  • Protection: When placed in shoes or wallets, dried Nettle Leaves can bestow protection against harmful spirits and places.
  • Healing: To reap the healing power of Nettle Leaves, it can be used as a tea or as a healing incense during rituals or meditation practices. 
  • Hex-Breaking: To break hexes and curses that surround you and your home, Nettle Leaves can be used as a tea or besoms. 
  • Courage: Nettle Leaves can be used as a charm or an amulet to bring courage and faith to oneself during times of misfortunes. 
  • Rich in Iron: Herbalists believe that Nettle is rich in chlorophyll, which makes it excellent for building up the blood and its iron richness.
  • Kidney Support: It is thought that Nettle leaves are diuretic and support kidney function by increasing the amount of water and salt excreted from the body. 
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Nettle Leaves are believed to have anti-inflammatory characteristics that relieve swelling and soreness.
  • Relieves Itching: Herbalists believe that Nettle Leaves helps in alleviating itch and redness caused by eczema, rhinitis, and other skin diseases. 
  • Boosts Immunity: It is believed that Nettle is a spring tonic and is a slow-acting nutrient herb that slowly cleanses metabolic wastes from the body.
Witchcraft & Nettle

Witchcraft & Nettle


Removing curses and throwing spells back to the one who sent it to you are only some of the most prominent powers this Nettle can offer. To eliminate evil spells and curses, stuff a poppet with Nettle or carry a sachet packed with Nettle leaves. Letting the smoke of incense made from Nettle leaves to spread across your living space can also help you remove and send the curses back to the person who sent it to you.


Nettle leaves serve as protective gear against external forces of nature as well as psychic attacks. Place dried Nettle leaves into your shoes to avoid getting in tough situations and avert yourself from a dangerous path.

Throwing this herb on fire during rituals blocks negative energies from penetrating your soul. Hang Nettle or sprinkle its dried leaves around your home to receive general home protection.


Nettle is an extraordinary herb that speeds your recovery from exhaustion in physical down to emotional levels. Its magickal tea delivers tranquility to your senses and induces healing not solely for the body, but also for the spirit. With such remarkable healing power, Nettle leaves can be plucked by the roots and used in healing spells to cure the body of any sickness.


Malevolent forces that may come your way are effects of spells that were cast upon you by baneful spirits and wicked forces. Break the strings that connect you with these hexes by grounding Nettles into powder and mix it with uncrossing herbs.

Sprinkle Nettle powder on your shirt or hair to remove spells and smoke yourself as well as your clothes with uncrossing incense the next morning before dawn. 


Every modern witch has a journey they have to walk alone in this world full of detriments. Holding or wearing amulets made from Nettles can help you bury your worries and self-doubts to the depths of the earth. Combing nettle leaves with Yarrow helps you in taking heart against your deepest fears.

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