The Magical Properties of Peppermint in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Peppermint in Witchcraft

Cultivated across Europe and North America, Peppermint thrives as a common flavoring agent throughout the world. An annual plant, Peppermint’s square reddish-purple stem, and smooth leaves grow best in rich, moist soil and full sun.

In mythology, Mint was named after Minthe, a Greek nymph who tried to seduce Hades. His jealous wife Persephone later turned the nymph into this sweet-smelling herb. Peppermint is also a popular flavoring agent for wines and sauces at Roman and Greek feasts.

With its many uses, Peppermint is one of the most well-known and loved herbs of witches. It is a common table decoration and is also used as a head wreath. Peppermint is used in the household to freshen the air and keep the mice and flies away. A traditional folk says that placing a sprig of mint in milk will keep it from souring.

Having Peppermint by your side encourages renewal and invites positive changes to enter your life. Its healing ability enlightens and guides a person towards the path of a satisfying emotional and spiritual journey.

This herb is best in raising the spirit to fully appreciate and understand the mysteries that are yet to unfold in front of us. Its comforting smell dissolves unsettling thoughts and connects you deeper into your inner self. 

Just a simple presence of Peppermint in your home or workplace loosens up any energetic blockage. Peppermint uplifts soothe and calm the senses in different life situations.

Peppermint Correspondences

  • Planet: Venus, Mercury
  • Sign: Aquarius, Virgo
  • Element: Air
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Deities: Persophone, Hades, Pluto

Magical Uses of Peppermint

  • Prophetic Dreams: Peppermint can be used in sachets or as a tea to encourage restful sleep as well as prophetic dreams.
  • Cleansing: If you need physical or emotional purification, Peppermint can be used in cleansing teas or burned as an incense.
  • Mental Clarity: Peppermint essential oils and salves can be used to promote mental clarity in times of chaos and confusion.
  • Protection: For every witch to keep themselves protected from evil spirits, Peppermint can be used as a protective plant in your home or office.
  • Money And Abundance: To magnify financial success and stability, Peppermint can be used as a lucky charm or drank as a tea for prosperity.
  • Relieves Tension Headaches: Peppermint oil is thought to relieve tension headaches and migraine attacks.
  • Aids Weight Loss: Herbalists believe that Peppermint tea has natural calorie-free properties which makes it a great weight loss companion. 
  • Anti-Bacterial: It is believed that Peppermint essential oils kill and prevent several types of bacteria that may lead to various illnesses.
  • Menstrual Cramps: Peppermint extract capsules are believed to act as muscle relaxants that relieve menstrual cramps.
  • Alleviates Clogged Sinuses: It is thought that menthol, an active compound in peppermint, enhances the perception of airflow in the nasal cavity.
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Witchcraft & Peppermint

Witchcraft & Peppermint


Every witch yearns to dive into prophetic dreams to intensify their connection with the higher realms. Rubbing peppermint essential oils to your wrists and forehead before sleeping can stimulate the dream time.

Placing a sachet of Peppermint under your pillow also raises awareness and sensitivity so you can remember the wisdom of other worlds brought by these mysterious prophetic dreams.


To conquer greater heights without carrying heavy negative energies on your back, burn dried peppermint leaves and let its smoke cleanse your sacred space and keep the energy around you bright and fresh. Use peppermint essential oils to clean floors, windows, walls, and furniture to rub away negative energies off them.


An encounter with chaotic situations is inevitable for every witch who wishes to live their life in the best way. Count on peppermint essential oils to help you maintain mental clarity, simply rub it on your temples to help you clear your head from the noisy mental chaos.

After life’s little upheavals, just smelling the fresh scent of peppermint promotes a soothing feeling to your senses and keeps your attention focused on things that serve you.


Peppermint provides safety and tight protection to any witch near it. That is why planting a peppermint in a pot and placing it near the front door protects the homestead from unwanted energies. Let it sit beside you in every meditation practice or place it on the altar after rituals to expel evil spirits and enhance daily protection for you and your family.


Earning a living would need you to sacrifice your blood, sweat, and tears, but the magic of Peppermint is here to help every modern witch achieve greater financial breakthroughs without turning their backs from things that truly matter. Keep it simple, just place dry peppermint leaves near your workspace or inside your pocket to raise positive results during financial ventures.

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