The Magical Properties of Usnea Lichen in Witchcraft

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Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Properties of Usnea Lichen in Witchcraft

Usnea Lichen is a common sight for those who love to walk in the wildest parts of forests. Also known as Old Man’s Beard, Usnea thrives on old trees in cool, damp forests. 

It has a greyish-green hue and grows in tiny hair-like tufts form with green algae coating the white string-like fungus which serve as blankets for tree branches in cold seasons. Usnea is commonly abundant in most parts of the Pacific Northwest and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for ages to treat deadly infections. 

Usnea has and is being used for many various purposes by diverse cultures around the globe. It is a practical and efficient application as a poultice and its cooling and drying energies are utilized by American Indians as a topical preparation for antiseptic dressings and wound healing. 

A unique wild being, Usnea Lichen contains extraordinary medicinal qualities. Typically, modern witches use tinctures, concentrated drops, and extracts of Usnea to help prevent skin and urinary tract infections. Usnea, in ancient times, was also used to stuff cushions with and to dye bed sheets and clothes. 

The delicate hairlike structure of Usnea Lichen contains a primal presence that grounds people to the depths of the universe, pulling you back to the simpler, less problematic times and our earthiest, barefooted innocent selves.

Usnea Lichen Correspondences

  • Planet: Venus
  • Signs: Aquarius
  • Element: Air
  • Energy: Feminine
  • Deities: Aphrodite

Magical Uses of Usnea Lichen

  • Clarity: Clearing blockages is a constant struggle for witches, Usnea Lichen can be used as an incense or added to spiritual baths to achieve mental clarity. 
  • Protection: Usnea Lichen can be used in protection spells, as a tea or as a protective charm to keep the carrier safe and guarded. 
  • Abundance: As an herb with a great ability to attract money and abundance, Usnea can be used as a lucky charm and floor wash.
  • Harmony: To maintain good relations and keep your sanctuary in peace and order, Usnea Lichen can be used in spells and rituals.
  • Weight Loss: Usnea is believed to be an effective dietary supplement that increases fat metabolism and raises basal metabolic rate.
  • Anti-Bacterial: Herbalists believe that Usnea Lichen has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties beneficial in fighting bacterial infections.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Usnea Lichen is thought to exhibit properties that fight swelling as well as mouth and throat inflammation.
  • Cures Respiratory Infections: Usnea Lichen is believed to fight respiratory infections and helps flush out excess phlegm.
  • Heals Intermittent Fever: Herbalists believe that Usnea Lichen is effective in healing intermittent fever and helps to avoid further deadly viruses.
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Witchcraft & Usnea Lichen

Witchcraft & Usnea Lichen


To clear their minds, witches need to eliminate all the junk they have accumulated from going out to perform their regular duties. Dress your spell candles with Usnea essential oils and as you light your candle, think of the worries that disrupt your mind.

Jot them down to speak your magic to the paper. Consume this herb as a tea or burn dried Usnea Lichen and let the smoke envelope the room to help your senses relax and acquire the clarity needed.


The delicate appearance of Usnea Lichen possesses remarkable protective powers not only against people who might harm you but also to dispel unseen forces. Fill a small bottle with Usnea and use it as a key chain or simply carry it inside your pocket while you journey to different sides of the world.

To protect your home and the people you live with, include this herb in protection spells and sachets. Stuffing poppets with Usnea lichen also serves as a solid shield against sorcery.


Day in and day out witches use their best abilities to bring their finances to a higher state and though working hard is the best way to reach that point, it is also a magical experience to use herbs that also bring prosperity right on their doorstep.

Add Usnea Lichen to your bath or apply essential oils to your prosperity charms to intensify its effect on your business. As an individual with magnifying energy, you also attract energies that bring abundance to your life, so rub some essential oils to your wrists before you engage in money-drawing endeavors.


To bring peace and harmony to their mind and the people who surround them, a witch would need to bury Usnea Lichen outside their house, boil this herb and use the water to clean the home or office furniture.

Make peace with your enemy and prevent further disputes or misunderstandings, by sprinkling dried Usnea Lichen to letters or documents that you have to send out to them. This delivers not just the letter but also the peace and harmony.

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