The Magical Symbols of Ostara

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
The Magical Symbols of Ostara

Eggs, Bunnies, Fertility.

Symbols that circulate this bountiful and magical holiday do not differ so much from other beliefs, hence the commonality of some symbols. For some reason, spring has become one of the most celebrated holidays as seen in Christian practices and other pagan beliefs.

Why? Probably because spring is the most awaited season after the long cold winter that creates its resonance to beginnings and new life.

Understanding Ostara

Before learning about the symbols, it is important to understand Ostara as a whole. How does Ostara contribute to our spiritual journey? What makes Spring a well-loved holiday? How can you celebrate Ostara with the symbols? 

Ostara is a time for rebirth, potential, and light. That being said, the celebration of Ostara starting March 20th this year, will be the best time to try new things or begin a venture that you have always been thinking about.

The energy of Ostara is very potent when it comes to new ventures – making it a great time to plant a seed wherever you wish to see yourself grow in this year.

Symbols of Ostara 

Symbols of Ostara 


Eggs alone make it clear what it represents: birth. The egg can also be used to represent the light of the sun because of the yolk. Because of that, eggs harness the power of the sun when cooked or eaten with intention. The sun is a symbol of life, influence, and strength. 

How to Use the Symbol:

Cook eggs with the intention of harnessing bravery and strength for starting new ventures. If you are vegan, you may paint wooden eggs to decorate your altar or sacred space. 


Also pictured as bunnies in some beliefs, hares play a relevant role in Ostara because of their connection to rebirth and fertility.

It does not stray too far from eggs – in fact, hares are usually seen along with them in many traditions. In contrast to the eggs, what makes hares complement the said symbol is their energetical connection to the moon, the dark side of nature herself. 

Hares are also common in Ostara because of their ability to give birth to multiple offsprings, a great symbol to invite multiplied blessings. 

How to Use the Symbol: 

Use illustrations or pictures of the hare to decorate your Ostara altar or wear a pendant around your wrist or neck as jewelry. Hare pendants can also be used as a talisman for abundance all year round.


Flowers in Ostara are a sign of life and beauty after the cold, dark, long nights of winter. This represents potential and newness. It also corresponds to one’s capability to surpass difficult challenges as portrayed by the previous season. 

How to Use the Symbol: 

During Ostara, Flowers can be used to decorate around the house or to give as an offering to the deities of Spring. Fresh flowers make a house magical during Ostara by giving off warm and comforting energies. 

Flowers of Ostara include the following: catkins, celandine, crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, primroses, pussy willow, and violets. 


It is said that the goddess of Ostara celebrated the first days of spring under a birch tree. Apart from that, birch trees are known as the first ones to grow their leaves during Spring. Moreover, trees play an evident role in the wheel of the year and you can see how the seasons change just by looking at one tree. 

Trees in Ostara harness the energy of strength to strive and move upwards with the help of our roots, or our wisdom per se.

How to Use the Symbol: 

In the first moments of spring, find a comfortable time to visit your favorite tree. This can be a local park’s tree or a tree within a forest. Sit underneath it and do your grounding ritual or meditation. Feel the energy, warmth, and wisdom of the tree taking over your body. Surrender to the Divine.


Surprisingly, serpents symbolize Ostara with its relevant correspondences to rebirth and renewal. As you may know, a serpent gets rid of its old skin by shedding to make way for its new one.

This natural way of a serpent’s life reminds us that in order to invite joy, bliss, and abundance to our lives we must experience each moment as it is and not judge it with our past. 

How to Use the Symbol: 

Use the symbol of the serpent to reflect on the aspects of your life that you feel negatively attached to. Imagine yourself in the role of the serpent, shedding these particular past experiences that block your ability to experience life fully. 

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