The Pentagram Symbol And How To Use It

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
The Pentagram Symbol And How To Use It

The pentagram is a common symbol seen in witchcraft, wicca and most pagan religions. This can be seen as often as the cross among Christians and is typically worn as a sigil by modern day witches.

It is also known for its exceptional ability to protect the aura from negative energies, external forces, and other blockages. In this article, we will discuss its origin and how you can utilize this symbol in your daily life.

Pentagram Symbolism

The five-pointed symbol is a representation of the four elements and the divine or the spirit. The pentagram is used to link the divine’s powerful influence among the elements — fire, water, air, and earth.

Traditionally, this symbol is used in banishing rituals or the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP). The LBRP is a protective ritual used to banish negative energies, spirits, and spells cast against you, hence, its common association as a symbol of protection.

Pentagram Properties

As intimidating as it may sound, banishing is simply another word for cleansing. In witchcraft and other spiritual practices, cleansing the aura is crucial before starting a ritual as it dispels influences, self-limiting beliefs, and thoughts that do not serve one’s intention.

The pentagram gives you light by kicking away the darkness that has been blocking you from achieving your innermost capabilities. It allows you to wake up from a long sleep with a new perspective in life.

Incorporating the pentagram in your life can do so much than just banish negativity in your life.

Rather, it encourages you to become the spirit presiding over the four elements: air (logic and intellect), earth (wealth and fertility), fire (passion and drive), and water (creativity and wisdom).

The pentagram reminds you that, with the right mindset, you have full control over all the aspects of your life.

The Pentagram In Daily Life

The Pentagram In Daily Life

The pentagram can be utilized in almost every area of your practice. It can be used as a guide during a tarot reading, a cleansing tool, or simply a sigil for protection during an astral projection or a divination practice.

The Pentacle In Tarot

The five points of the pentagram can be a useful guideline for a tarot reading. To incorporate this symbol in tarot, you may use a pentagram spread for a general reading with the center card as the energy of focus. The other points can symbolize the following:

  • Air: Past influences bearing the challenges of attaining the goal
  • Earth: Personal hopes and fears related to the desired goal
  • Fire: External forces and energies influencing one’s path
  • Water: Biggest challenge one must withstand to succeed
  • Spirit: The outcome

A Sigil for Protection

The pentagram can be worn, carried, or displayed on an altar for protection and cleansing. Crafting your sigil is workable, easy, and simple with accessible materials like twigs, sticks, wires, a few bands, and some glue.

See, the pentagram doesn’t just protect you. Incorporating this symbol can ignite your creativity and connection with nature as well.

For baby witches, the pentagram is a widely used symbol that can sometimes be overwhelming and tending to learn about.

However, with the right perspective and a little wisdom from the pentagram, this symbol can elevate, amplify, and restore the positive energies into your life.

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