Psychometry: Reading Objects with The Power of Touch

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: April 1, 2023
Reading Objects with The Power of Touch

Psychometry is one of many forms of scrying – or, in non-psychic terms, a way of seeing something that cannot typically be seen. Psychometry relies on touch and tangible, physical objects.

Psychometry is reading the energy of a physical object. The reading you will usually get will have to do with the object’s history. It might be:

  • images
  • smells
  • emotions
  • sounds
  • any of the other senses associated with memories and feeling

The object will have its own history and will also give you an idea of the history of its owner.

Most psychometrists, especially in the beginning, have to hold the object in their hands to be able to read it. Further down the line, you may be able to sense or read the object without ever having to hold it at all.

For small or lightweight objects, it is best to hold them in your hands until your skills improve. For huge or heavy objects, simply placing your hands on the item should be enough. As long as you are comfortable and relaxed, these readings should be easy and fun.

Psychometry has also been referred to as clairtangency, psychoscopy, and token-object reading, but psychometry is the most common term.

How Does Psychometry Work?

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Psychometry is reading the lingering energy and images left behind in an object. People are made entirely of energy. Our energy leaves an “energetic imprint” on everything and everyone we interact with. So, in essence, objects associated with us will hold a vibration of what has been impressed upon them – including our energy, or aura.

For a “real life” example, have you ever written in the fog on your mirror after a shower? Your message will remain and become visible every time the mirror fogs up in the future until it undergoes a cleaning. This is similar to psychometry – the messages are not visible under normal circumstances, but with the right method, those messages remain.

When you are reading an object’s energy, you are reading its aura, much like we have auras. That is what you are tapping into when using psychometry. Hopefully the mirror analogy helped you understand a little more.

The other important thing to remember about psychometry is that objects with more meaning, and that were used more, will have more energy and therefore give better readings. It is also true that metal objects tend to hold more energy compared to other objects. Something like a wedding ring will hold more energy than a pair of gloves only worn once.

How Do You Know if You Have Psychometric Abilities?


People who are empaths typically make the best psychometry readers. This is especially true of those who have reasonable skill with clairsentience – these people tend to be the best at psychometry.

Some of the signs that you might be inclined to psychometry include:

  • Antique stores make you feel weird or give off a strong vibe
  • You cannot own used furniture
  • You feel uncomfortable in spaces with too many objects (too much energy)
  • You cannot wear old clothes or used jewelry
  • Pawn shops make you feel overwhelmed
  • You feel you must impulsively wash your hands after picking up used objects

If you experience any of these sensations or something similar, it might mean you would excel at psychometry. All of these are signs that you might be predisposed to reading an object’s energy – and also might explain why you always hated your aunt’s old couch.

How to Do Psychometry Readings

As with any skill, practice will always help you improve. The more you practice, the easier it will become. With the right amount of empathy, anyone can do psychometry.

Here is a basic idea of what to do when performing a psychometry reading.

  1. First, wash your hands and dry them well. You do not need to be hospital sterile, but you must wash off energy that could interfere with your reading.
  2. Rub your hands together to create friction and warm up energy.
  3. Now, to test if there is energy present, keep the palms of your hands facing each other and pull them apart very slowly to about ¼ inch away from each other. Is there a thick sort of sensation between your palms or some kind of energy? If so, you’re all set! If not, rub your hands together some more to create more energy.
  4. Pick up or hold an item in your hands. It is probably best to start with something small and personal. Any beloved jewelry works well. That will make this initial exercise much easier. It is also best if the object belongs to someone you do not have a close relationship with – for instance, perhaps ask a family friend if they have any old family jewelry you could use to practice with.
  5. Relax! This is very important. You can close your eyes if you would like to.
  6. Open yourself up and allow memories, images, and other feelings about the owner of the object to enter your mind. What sort of things do you sense – hear, see, smell, taste?

Here are some pertinent questions to ask during your exercise and for future psychometric readings, too.

  • Who is the owner of this object?
  • Can you get a sense of the owner’s personality?
  • What sort of memories and experiences did the owner have while wearing or using the object?
  • Is the owner still alive or have they passed on?

Usually, especially in the beginning, the strongest energy that an object will give off are emotions. Love, hate, and fear are three of the most powerful emotions human beings experience. They are often the strongest sense we get during psychometry readings.

Another important thing to note about psychometry is that it is not just “items” that are worn or used that can be read with psychometry. With practice, things like photographs, homes, and graves might also be read with psychometry. One way to begin practicing this type of reading is with a photograph of a loved one who has passed on. It is a nice way to practice psychometry and also connect with Spirit.

Some Things to Remember

  • Do not be discouraged if your readings are inaccurate or muddled at first. Like with all skills and most forms of psychic reading, you will get better with time and practice. Even renowned psychometrists aren’t always correct, with an accuracy rate of 80 to 90%. They are still off 10 to 20% of the time.
  • Be sure not to judge impressions too quickly. This is true if you are doing a reading for someone else, or even if you are simply practicing with an object of someone unknown to you. Though images or sensations may be jumbled and make no sense to you, they are probably significant to the object’s owner, or might mean something to their loved ones. Some impressions will be vague and some will be intricately detailed – take note of everything.
  • Even skeptical science says that psychometry is rooted in truth. Anyone can perform psychometry and most experts believe it is a natural ability of the human mind, it is just a matter of practice and honing the skill. Any and all objects, particularly those with significant emotional or material meaning, hold the “vibrations” (or energy) of the past. When read correctly, our mind can interpret these vibrations. It’s all about honing your skills.

Remember: Psychometry is Fun!

Even when reading the objects of a lost loved one, psychometry should be exciting and fun. It is possible you will be able to experience or feel some of the happiest moments of a past life. Reading objects can be a thrill because you never know what to expect.

Give psychometry a try, remember to practice, and most importantly, have fun!

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