7 Reasons Why Your Spells Are Not Working

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Reasons Why Your Spells Are Not Working

Magick is never guaranteed. Like life, not everything is promised in witchcraft. Often, doing a spell or doing something even with perfect instruction is not enough. There are a lot of factors that witches sometimes overlook when crafting spells – which can a.) cancel out a spell, b.) backfire to the caster of the spell. 

If you’re here because your spell did not work, you must first center and detach yourself from egoic thoughts that may block you from internalizing the truth.  

Reason #1: You don’t have the right to do the spell. 

Don’t get me wrong, magick is for everyone but it shouldn’t be done with a shallow mind. If you do not see a good reason to do it, then maybe you shouldn’t do the spell in the first place. Even more, anger-influenced spells can backfire than work as planned. So it’s best to be careful. 

Another type of spell that you should not waste your energy on is gambling spells. Bets have their own rules that do not coincide with witchcraft. Your spirit guides know better than let you win in a game, but lose in another area of your life. If you win, consider it fate. If you lose, consider it an opportunity. 

Reason #2: Your spells are influenced by low-frequency thoughts

Before you move forward with any spell, it’s important to ask the reason why you desire what you are trying to manifest. Why do you want a new lover? Why do you get promoted? Resolving the root of the desire can take you to a better position – even better than where you initially planned to be. 

Low-frequency thoughts, like envy, jealousy, pride, and anger, do not support positive manifestations. However, when your wishes do come true, oftentimes it coexists with a negative backside. It either doesn’t work or works with a negative consequence.

Reason #3: Not extending efforts 

Spells do not work without your supporting actions. To wish for something is not enough. Adding direction to your spells is helpful in successfully attaining your desire.

For instance, if you wish to ace an exam, the best way to do a spell is to ask for guidance, encouragement, and energy to do all the measures needed to study for the exam. Everything will simply follow afterward.

Reason #4: Focusing on what you don’t want

Another reason why you are probably not getting what you want is that you are focusing too much on what you don’t want to happen. When you mention something too often, it what manifests.

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See, if you say, “I will not fail” in a spell, there’s more chance you’ll fail. Why? The universe is bad with language. It always assumes that what you repetitively say is what you are trying to manifest. If possible, refuse the words that have negative connotations and be straightforward about what you really want.

Reason #5: Using the wrong method 

Witches are diverse in the way they do and often discover practices on their own experiences. Some witches may be accustomed to using jars for spells while others are more comfortable with using bags or casting herbs outside of their home. 

This is not to say that personal practices are discouraged. However, some methods may go against few laws in magick. For instance, if you’re casting a banishing spell, the last thing you want to do is keep a reminiscence of it. Banishing spells must be cast, then thrown away outside or somewhere away from your home. 

Your spells are influenced by low-frequency thoughts

Reason #6: Your target is protected 

Working a spell to curse a person is the last thing we want to encourage because of reason #2. But if you’ve recently worked on a curse spell, aside from the reason #2 blocking it from happening, another reason why it might not be working is that your target is protected.

Even more, your target may also have practiced some reversal rituals that could cause your spell to harm you instead. Be mindful of the people you give evil eyes to. Better off, just wish them well.

Reason #7: You have blockages 

Another reason why your spell might not be working is because of the blockages you have in your aura or the room that you are working in. Energy plays a large role in spells because it is what supports them.

It’s the foundation of every ritual work and you must do everything to maintain the cleanliness of your space. You don’t want to be working in areas with low-frequency energy. Cleanse your space!

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