How to Celebrate Beltane Sabbat

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Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Celebrate Beltane

Beltane is a celebration of the abundance of the land and the coming together of masculine and feminine energies as the world around us explodes in growth, fertility and new life. In traditions that revere deity, this is the time when the Goddess and The Green God come together to create new life in the world.

We celebrate Beltane on May 1st, and it marks the midpoint between spring and summer. This sabbat is full of life and passion, and as warm sunlight floods our days, everyone is embracing it. Beltane is a time to put aside your worry and let yourself be free to have fun!

Ways to Celebrate Beltane

Life & Fertility

Beltane is an incredibly fertile time of year when seeds are growing into fertile plants and the land is ripe with growth. This theme works well in your spell work as you set your intention for growth and fertility yourself.


Love blooms during the late spring months as people are energized themselves by the abundance flowing all around in nature. Use this time to reinforce your relationships and love for yourself. 

Passion & Sexuality

Beltane is traditionally a time when couples are married and the excitement in the air is just too much to handle. Embrace and enjoy this time of year by activating your body with outdoor exercise and other activities that make you feel alive!

Symbols of Beltane

Symbols of Beltane


A widely practiced tradition of Beltane is the bonfire. All other fires are put out as people celebrate around one large bonfire. At the end of the night, everyone takes a bit of the flame to relight their own fires.


Fire is a very common symbol because during Beltane, we celebrate the abundant warmth of the sun. Light candles to symbolize your reverence for the life-giving power of the sun.


A beautiful reminder that life is abundant and that Mother Earth will always provide what we need to survive and thrive in our lives.


Adorn yourself with a hair wreath or garland made from flowers and plants that bring you joy. This symbolizes your connection with the earth and your own inner power, sexuality and abundance.

The Maypole

The maypole represents the God in his most masculine form. A large erect pole is inserted into the earth. This is symbolic of the relationship between the Earth Mother (the Goddess) and The Green Man Of The Forest (The God) intertwining their relationship to bring life to the earth. 

Colors of Beltane


Represents the Earth in full bloom. There is green everywhere and we honor that with green altars, candle and more!


Is a symbol of the peace and harmony of a world of growth and little worries with abundance all around.


Honors the bright, hot sun that has returned to aid in the growth of new life. Red also is the color for love and passion, appropriate for this celebration of fertility.

Food & Herbs of Beltane

Food & Herbs of Beltane


Fresh baked bread is a delicious way to honor the abundance all around during Beltane. Get creative and make a large loaf to enjoy the abundance!

Green Salads

Fresh greens are everywhere during this sabbat. Give thanks to the earth as you enjoy them in your home.


Another symbol of the abundance in our lives is dairy. During the springtime, dairy products are helping new life to flourish all around.


A tree that blooms every year at the beginning of May, the branches are often used to decorate maypoles and the beautiful white flowers make wonderful crowns for your head.


Fresh, exciting and bursting with flavor, strawberries are a delicious way to celebrate during Beltane.


A symbol of abundance and jovial pursuits, wine is a historical centerpiece for many Beltane celebrations.

Things to Do on Beltane

Make A Bonfire

Bonfires symbolize the warmth and life giving power of the sun during Beltane. Make a bonfire if you have the space and as always, be safe!


Move your body as the earth is moving itself. Bring dance into your ritual and spellwork as you celebrate the energy provided during this time of growth.

Enjoy Yourself

Express yourself in ways that bring you pleasure. Spend time with people you love, follow your passions, and embrace your sexuality as the world around you does the same.


An ancient tradition of marriage that bonds two together. Although it doesn’t have to be binding, handfasting is a way to honor the old traditions while solidifying your bond to your partner, lover, family or friends.

Make Flower Crowns

Flower crowns embody the beauty of this time of year. Adorn your head with a crown of fresh flowers, herbs and plants that make you feel alive and connected to the earth.

Go Outside

Go outside and take in the abundant atmosphere during Beltane. It’s an incredibly fertile and joyous time to be outdoors, so go celebrate with the Goddess!

Spell Workings for Beltane

Spell Workings for Beltane


Creativity spells will be emboldened by the creative expression of the earth going on around you. Work spells that you make yourself and focus on things that are uniquely your desires alone.


Fertility spells are great to work with during Beltane! The earth is fertile, the God and Goddess come together to co-create a new season of life. You can do the same in your spellwork.


Beltane is a prosperous time, when plants grow, animals flourish and the energy is ripe with prosperity in general. Use this high energy state to work prosperity magic as well.

Love & Sex

It’s a sexy time of year to be a healthy and alive human. Express yourself in ways that bring you satisfaction and make you feel alive!

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